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Gregory Hill Area Construction Projects

Gregory Hill Pipelines

For the past several years the City of Westminster has been coordinating the replacement of aging infrastructure in the area north of 80th Avenue and west of Lowell Boulevard. To date, work has included installation of new water transmission mains in Lowell Boulevard and Turnpike Drive.

Project Update - Oct. 12

In response to some recent questions, the city’s pipeline contractor has been directed to do a better job maintaining the trenches in Laplace Court and Osceola Street especially after storm events. They have a more stable material on-site now that will hold up better when wet. Paving of the trenches will happen within the next few weeks.   

Water Valve Operation - City crews will again be operating valves in the neighborhood on Monday, Oct. 16, in a continued effort to isolate distribution system issues that caused widespread water outages last week. Flows and pressures will be closely monitored to avoid incidental outages or minimize their duration to less than 10 minutes. If you have or hear of outages of a longer duration, please call the Utility Operations Division at 303-658-2500.

See link to typical water main construction components

Project Details

The next improvements involve construction of new water transmission mains to replace aging water systems that have reach the end of their useful life. The new water transmission main will be installed in 80th Avenue between U.S. 36 and Lowell Boulevard, then north in Lowell Boulevard to Turnpike Drive. New water and sewer mains will also be installed in Laplace Court from 80th Avenue to 82nd Avenue. (see map)

These new water mains will serve area residents and also the new Gregory Hill pump station and tanks planned as part of a phase later this calendar year. Information regarding the new pump station and tanks will be distributed later in the summer and will include an invitation to a project open house information session to be hosted by the City. Overall, these improvements are necessary to meet the level of service experienced elsewhere in the system for adequate water pressure, flow, redundancy and stored water available for irrigation, firefighting, and emergencies. Connections to the new water main will be sequenced to minimize service interruptions as much as possible. Construction is scheduled to start in a few weeks and will extend through to the end of the year. Check this website for regular updates during the project. 

Westminster City Council has awarded the project to Brannan Construction Company, a reputable contractor in the industry. Normal work hours will be Monday through Friday beginning no earlier than 7 a.m. and ending by 5 p.m. Special circumstances may arise requiring extended work hours. In these special cases limited nighttime or weekend construction could be necessary to avoid times of higher traffic volume. During working hours, construction equipment will be in operation and some materials may be stockpiled close to the work area. The Contractor will maintain traffic control during construction and will maintain access to side streets and parking lots as much as possible. However, temporary lane closures, sidewalk closures, and detours may occur. Safety of the pedestrian, biking, motoring public and of the contractor crews is of the utmost importance and assistance in abiding by all construction related signs is greatly appreciated. 


For questions or comments, please call or email the city’s Project Manager Dan Strietelmeier, at 303-658-2179, or dstriete@cityofwestminster.us. Thank you for your patience during this capital improvement project. We look forward to maintaining a high-level of service for you now and into the future.



Gregory Hill Pump Station and Tanks Replacement

The city will replace the existing water pump station and tanks known as the Gregory Hill Pump Station and Tanks located near 82nd Avenue and Osceola Street.

Project Update - Oct. 12

The pump station and tanks replacement project contractor plans to mobilize to the site next week, Oct. 16.  Heavy equipment will being to arrive to start demolition of the old facilities, which have been taken out of service. The Gregory Hill Tanks remained operational until mid-August when it was decided to take them out of service permanently.   This decision was based on the concern about the condition of the old tanks and the risk of failure. In addition, other water system improvements (including the pipelines project) allowed the tanks to be taken out of service for the short term without impacting the ability to serve city customers in Pressure Zone 3, and the fact the city received a much lower price by not requiring the contractor to keep one tank in service during the project, which also shortens the project schedule.  As reported in project information meetings, there is not enough space to build the new west tank on the existing west tank footprint due to the minimal setbacks from the homes and steep slopes on that part of the site.  Construction access will be from Lowell Boulevard and the contractor has been directed to install screened construction fencing for safety and security around the project site. 

Sept. 1 Resident Letter

Neighborhood Letter   

Project Details

Overall, the work is necessary to replace aging infrastructure that has reached the end of is useful life span. The project will include system improvements to meet the level of service experienced elsewhere in the system for adequate water pressure, flow, redundancy and stored water available for irrigation, firefighting and emergencies.


The replacement project is scheduled to begin this fall with completion anticipated for summer of 2019. The work includes complex operations that require a long-term construction period and mobilization of specialized construction equipment.

Project Impact

Due to the proximity of this project to our customers, the city is taking special precautions to minimize disruption and inconvenience, including: 

Hiring a specialty contractor with high qualifications specifically for this type of work. All contractors bidding this work completed a detailed prequalification process.
Restricting work hours to Mondays through Fridays from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. to limit the impact of construction equipment and work noise. Weekend and evening work will only be permitted if special circumstances arise.
Careful monitoring of contractor compliance to state and local permit requirements for noise and dust control. Sequencing the work to minimize the need for water service disruptions. 


For general questions, concerns or comments, please contact the city’s Project Manager Dan Strietelmeier, at 303-658-2179, or dstriete@cityofwestminster.us.

Additional information is also available in our presentations:

    Open House Presentation June 21, 2017   

    Staff Report Presentation July 10, 2017

Thank you for your patience during this capital improvement project. We look forward to maintaining a high-level of service now and into the future.