Taking an art class can improve your life in many ways – sign up today and take advantages of just a few of the benefits of art:

  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment
  • Reduces stress - helps you feel calm and happy 
  • Improves personal wellness by increasing positive emotions
  • Creates opportunities for spontaneity and joy

Class Offerings

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Drawing - Beginning
See how basic shapes are combined with line, value, and texture. Students develop fundamental drawing skills with these techniques, close observation and drawing exercises. Instructor: Paul Birchak.

Drawing - Intermediate 
Explore drawing in all the many mediums available. Use traditional pencil, colored pencil and pastel pencil. Still life, landscape and figurative ideas will be explored. This is a great class even if you have very little experience but want to move that art passion into the next level. Instructor: Paul Birchak.

Colored Pencil
Create realistic drawings with Prismacolor® colored pencils through blending, burnishing, and various texture applications. Prismacolors® are controllable and forgiving, offering plenty of trial and success. One-hour lunch. Instructor: Sandra Davis.

Draw Your Own Pet
Your special pet deserves a portrait! Create realistic drawings of your special pet with Prismacolor® colored pencils through blending, burnishing, and various texture applications. Start taking photos of your pet now, to bring to the workshop. One-hour lunch. Instructor: Sandra Davis.

Explore the fun and forgiving medium of pastels. Instructor Paul Birchak is a member of the Colorado Pastel Society and would love to introduce the exciting world of pastels to you. Great for beginners but all levels are welcome. No class Nov 25. Instructor: Paul Birchak.


Shadowbox Art
Explore two and three dimensional ideas to create your own artistic vision in art mediums ranging from painting and drawing mediums to collage. Combine found objects, nature bits and vintage items to create an original piece. Instructor: Paul Birchak.

Digital Photography

Photography I
Develop basic camera operation skills while creating sharp, properly exposed photos using various settings. Class covers technical and artistic/aesthetic concepts. Focus on digital photography as a fine art medium. Requires a working digital camera, preferably a DLSR with manual adjustments. Outdoor photo shoots are part of this class. Instructor: Harry Olsson.

Oil Painting

Beginners Only
Learn the basics of oil painting materials and their use, then progress to colors and color mixing, values and composition. Each night includes a demonstration and exercise to incorporate lessons learned into a beginning painting. Instructor: Marva Moir.

Receive individual attention on your projects. Color and value are emphasized; tips and techniques are presented to help artists grow their work. No class Oct. 31. Instructor: Marva Moir.


Do you want to use watercolors because of their vibrancy and spontaneity but the last time you tried you created a mud puddle? Learn about watercolor surfaces, mixing and controlling paint, and various types of paints and brushes. Complete a small painting to frame at home. $15 supply fee due at first class. Instructor: John Brasaemle.

The Next Step
Instructor John Brasaemle guides those with previous watercolor experience through short exercises and a new technique each week to complete a painting each night. Prerequisite: a beginning watercolor course. Minor homework is part of this fun and more advanced class. $20 supply fee due first night.