Dance Mission Statement


  • To foster self-esteem, discipline, creativity, and confidence 
  • To demonstrate a healthy lifestyle 
  • To define a role on a team and how to be a leader 
  • Allow every participant the opportunity to shine!!

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RECREATION DANCE - class offerings

All styles of dance are based upon ballet technique.  Explore basic movements across the floor, at the barre, and center floor performances. Ages: 3-18. 

Techniques and terminology are learned and combinations are practiced in both forms of dance. Ages: 3-6. 

5,6,7,8! Be prepared to learn. Techniques and terminology are learned and combinations practiced in both forms of dance. Ages: 4-7. 

Baton Beginning
Twirl one and two batons, ribbons, flags, and hoop batons.  Twirling is fun, active, and different, while promoting fitness, flexibility, hand eye coordination, poise, and self-confidence. Ages: 6-11. 

Baton Intermediate
Learn more challenging material with one and two hoop batons, ribbons, flags, pairs, and team routines.  Increase your fitness, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, poise, and self-confidence. Ages: 7-19.

Baton Advanced
Practice challenging material with multiple batons and compete in local twirling competitions.  Continue to increase your fitness, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, poise, and self-confidence. Ages: 7-19.

Boys Hip Hop
Perform funky dance moves to the latest tunes and combinations of break dancing and hip hop. Ages: 6-14. 

Jazz/Hip Hop
Become skilled in the basic fundamentals of jazz and hip hop in this introductory class. Ages: 3-18.

Combine jazz and ballet techniques to tell a story to music lyrics.  Whether this is your first dance class, or one of many, come enjoy the many benefits of dance. Ages: 6-18.

Imagine That!
Create characters and scenes, move onstage and develop ensemble collaboration. Put those skills to the test with improvised scenes.  Ages: 7-18.

The artistic world of dance is introduced through creative movement. Dancers practice ballet positions and learn basic dance terminology.  This is a great way to get your child active and moving. Ages: 2-3. 

Take a Bow
Discover your creativity in this fun introduction to physical and vocal expression. Use improv, pantomime, and characterization to perform an original storybook skit. Ages: 4-6. 

Explore the basic fundamentals of rhythm and tap dance through shuffles, flap and much more. Ages: 4-18.     

Tiny Tappers
Clap your hands and stomp your feet.  Young dancers focus on patterns, coordination, and fundamentals of rhythm. Ages: 3-6. 

Meet the Instructors


competitive dance program - Westminster Dance Company


The Westminster Dance Company is a year-round competitive dance program. Participants must have an instructor recommendation or audition with a dance company director. Contact Cindy McDonald at 303-658-2219 regarding fees.

  • This is a 9-month competitive program where you will be given the opportunity to perform at shows and competitions up to eight times a season. One recreation dance class must also be taken. Ages: 4-18. 

Elite Company 

This team is more involved than Company and develops additional dances to perform at competition. Each participant will be in two classes. Great memories will be made. Ages: 4-18 

Programs Coming Soon!

Westminster Theater Company-Summer
Jessica Ridgeway Dance Camp-Spring and Summer
Dance Camp-Summer