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Big Dry Creek Sewer Work/Trail Impacts

Project Update:

This lining project was suspended because it was creating operational challenges at our wastewater treatment facility.  Alternative curing methods are currently being reviewed prior to finishing the project. More information will be provided before work begins. The city's contractor is working to restore the areas disturbed and will remove the construction items, debris and piping until that work can be resumed.

As a reminder, lining is a 24-hour process to properly cure by bringing the liner up to the correct temperature. After the correct temperature is reached - this process can average about 36 hours, but depends on the length of the liner being installed - the cure water is held in holding tanks until lab results satisfactorily meet the city’s pre-treatment program.

This process produces a chemical smell that may be noticeable near the work being completed. Residents in this area are encouraged to make sure all plumbing traps are full of water, especially in toilets, sinks or tubs that are seldom used. Please see the Granite Inliner/Layne Inliner flyer for more information.

Trail Impacts


Project Details:

The city’s Utilities Operations staff has contracted with Granite Inliner/Layne Inliner to rehabilitate the older 30-inch parallel interceptor sewer in the Big Dry Creek basin. This sewer has been out of service due to concerns with the condition of the pipeline. As part of the improvements for the Big Dry Creek basin, it was determined that cured-in-place piping (CIPP) would restore the life expectancy of this interceptor. 

CIPP work requires the lining be cured inside of the existing pipeline. The curing process can take up to 30 hours depending on the length of the segment being installed.  For this reason, crews will be on-site throughout the night to ensure the curing process is completed. The majority of loud noise is anticipated to happen during daytime hours.

The sewer lines that are planned to be lined are located between City Park (located at 104th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard and the Big Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility at 13150 Huron Street) Construction vehicles and equipment will be in operation in Open Space and along portions of the Big Dry Creek Trail. Residents in the area can expect temporary road and sidewalk closures or detours. View the map below. The project also includes the lining of the existing manholes and replacement of the manhole lids to meet with the city’s current standard sizing for manhole lids on interceptor sewers. 

Restoration of the disturbed areas will occur once every manhole lids has been replaced and will consist of rough grading along with runoff protection. Full restoration is not planned until after all of the improvements on the Big Dry Creek Interceptor Sewer is completed.

Project Timeline:

The overall project is anticipated to be completed fall of 2019. 

Project Impact:

Work hours will be Monday through Saturday and will depend on where the crews are in the process of installing and curing the lining.

During working hours, construction vehicles and equipment will be in operation within the Open Space and along some portions of the Big Dry Creek trail. Some materials may be stockpiled close to the work area. Granite Inliner/Layne Inliner will maintain traffic control during construction and will maintain access as much as possible. However, temporary lane closures, sidewalk closures and detours may occur. 

Safety of the pedestrian, biking, motoring public and of the contractor crews is of the utmost importance. Assistance in abiding by all construction related signs is greatly appreciated. Should you observe an emergency situation, please call 911.


For any questions, please contact Wastewater Superintendent Ceila Rethamel, at 303-658-2532 or crethame@cityofwestminster.us