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Stay at Home Order FAQs

What does a Stay at Home Order mean?

It means, as much as possible, stay inside your home or outside on your property. You still can seek health care, you still can go to the store and buy essential supplies, you still can enjoy many outdoor activities, but please stay home otherwise.

Is there a curfew?

No. But everyone should stay home as much as possible and be considerate of others during this stressful time.

Can I go to the grocery store?

Yes. You can go out to obtain essential supplies for yourself and those in your household. If you deliver essential supplies to someone else, you still can do that, too.

Can I go for a walk or a bike ride?

Yes. You absolutely can get outdoors, but in groups of no more than four if you live in different households and maintaining adequate social distance of at least six feet.

Can I go to the park?

Yes. However, playgrounds, basketball courts, golf courses, picnic areas and other public facilities are closed.

Can I still get take-out or delivery from a local restaurant?

Yes. Licensed restaurants are considered essential services under this order and still can offer delivery and take-out services.

Can I go hang out with my friends at their home?

No. You should stay in your own home. However, you’re encouraged to call, text or use other means of staying in touch with loved ones.

Can I just go drive around to get out of the house?

No. Travel is limited to performing and seeking essential services, including going to work if you’re not telecommuting and your job is an essential function. You also can travel to get essential supplies and seek necessary health care.

Where can I get more information?

Get more information from the Tri-County Health Department and Jefferson County Public Health. The City of Westminster is constantly updating information as this situation evolves; please get more information at www.cityofwestminster.us/covid-19