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Historic Landmark Board

The Historic Landmark Board is composed of both professional and lay members with demonstrated interest, competence or knowledge in historic preservation. At least 40% of commission members shall be professionals in preservation-related disciplines such as architecture, landscape architecture, architectural history, archaeology, history, planning, American studies, American civilization, cultural geography or cultural anthropology.  Recognizing that professionals may not be available in some communities, this requirement can be waived if the local government makes a good faith effort to recruit professionals and demonstrates that it is capable of carrying out commission responsibilities

The board reviews local landmark applications and applications for certificates of historic appropriateness for landmarked structures. It also advises and participates in other historic preservation programs and projects in the city.

Historic Landmark Board Bylaws

Public Hearing Procedures

Board members:
Matthew Bell
James Browning, Chair
Gargi Duttgupta
Linda Graybeal
Kaaren Hardy, Vice Chair
Mary Oswell
Tennille Wood
Anna Leske (Alternate)

Council Liaison: Michele Haney

Staff Liaison: Kristen Koehler

Meeting Packets:

Historic Landmark Board Packet Feb. 27, 2019

Historic Landmark Board Packet Nov. 28, 2018

Historic Landmark Board Packet Aug. 22, 2018

Historic Landmark Board Packet June 5, 2018

Historic Landmark Board Packet May 1, 2018

Historic Landmark Board Packet March 6, 2018

Historic Landmark Board Packet Oct. 3, 2017