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Human Services Board

The Human Services Board mission and goals are to provide assistance in food, health, mental health services and housing for the citizens of Westminster. The Human Services Board reviews, evaluates and recommends to City Council funding levels for the budget year based on applications from outside human service agencies and other nonprofit organizations, considering how to best allocate funds to provide human services to the residents of Westminster. Members of this board should represent expertise in health services, housing, community services, senior citizens, education and/or cultural services. This board meets during the year on an as needed basis during evening hours, with four to six meetings each year. Meetings last about two hours each.

2018 Human Services Board Funding Application

The 2018 funding application was open from April 3-May 11, 2017. The application process for 2018 has now closed. If you have any questions about applying to the Human Services Board or about your application status, please contact the board's staff liaison.

Board members:

David Aragoni (Chair)
Lisa Fiola (Vice Chair)
Rick Gabrielsen
Dan Orecchio
Joe Sloan
Darci Polla (Alternate)

Council Liaison: Kathryn Skulley

Staff Liaison: Alexa Priddy