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Proposed 2019-2020 Budget

Staff is pleased to submit the Proposed 2019/2020 Budget.  City Charter requires that the city manager submits to the City Council a recommended budget for the next fiscal year on or before the 15th of September each year. 

Citizen input is encouraged throughout the budget process. A public meeting is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 10, to allow for resident input.

City Council is scheduled for their annual budget retreat at the regularly scheduled study session on Monday, Sept. 17, at City Hall. At the budget retreat, Staff will provide an overview of the two-year budget, reviewing both revenues and expenditures. The overview of the proposed operating and capital improvement program budgets and the compensation and benefits plan will primarily be a recap of the highlights that staff has presented to City Council in the four staff reports reviewed with City Council in July and August on these subjects, all of which are based on the city’s Strategic Plan goals and the core services review with council from June. Staff will also review the citizen budget requests. 

View the Proposed 2019/2020 Budget.