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Chapter X


Section 10.1.  Collection of Taxes.

       Until the Council shall otherwise provide by ordinance, the County Treasurer shall collect City taxes in the same manner and at the same time as State taxes are collected.  In like manner the Council may provide for collection of special improvement assessments by said Treasurer.  The assessment of property and the levy and collection of general taxes, sale of property for taxes, and the redemption of the same, shall be effected pursuant to ordinance, or, if no ordinances apply, pursuant to the laws of this State, as modified by this Charter.  The County Treasurer shall report and pay to the City the amount of tax collections of the City for the preceding month.  The estimated costs of tax collections and losses shall be included in the budget.  (As amended 11-3-87)

Section 10.2.  Limitation on Tax Powers of City.

       No income tax, sales tax or cigarette tax shall be adopted until it shall have been approved by a majority of the electorate at a regular or special election.

Section 10.3.  Authority to Acquire Property.

       In addition to all other power which it has to acquire property, the City of Westminster is hereby authorized to purchase or otherwise acquire property on which there are delinquent taxes and or special assessments.  The City may also dispose of any property acquired under this authority.