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Bruce Baker - Council Candidate

Name: Bruce Baker

Occupation: Retired Pharmacist

Past elected offices: Westminster City Council 2013 to 2017

Other leadership positions & community involvement: Co-author of Urban Renewal research paper, published opinion articles on the challenges facing Westminster and numerous letters to the editor

  1. Why are you the most qualified person for this office? I will vote to reduce the water rates so homeowners can afford to water their landscapes.
  2. What is the most important issue facing Westminster and how will you address it? City Council does NOT act as Stewards/Trustees of the public assets that Westminster owns, to benefit our citizens.  The incumbent Council members standing for election are using city assets to advance their own agendas that do not benefit the majority of citizens. 

Examples are:

  1. The predatory increase in our water rates.  The Council lied to the public when they claimed sewer use had increased by 40% and there were critical, unmet needs.  The truth was sewer use had increased 5% and the water/sewer department had $100 million in cash and investments for scheduled projects.  The replacement councillors have not repealed the rates.  These unnecessary water rates will cause many homeowners to brown out their properties and our city.
  2. Constantly changing the Comprehensive Plan to increase population density.  These changes are betraying our purchases of Open Space to keep our city less crowded.
  3. The failure of the New Downtown.  The only developers to build there have been given huge taxpayer subsidies.
  4. Some incumbents support mandatory, monopoly trash collection for Westminster.  Our citizens vigorously rejected this idea, yet council could impose regulations that would drive out lower priced trash haulers.
  5. After the November 2018 election when two councillors were elected to higher office, a third councillor left.  Instead of honoring the City Charter and holding an election, council chose three like-minded candidates that do not reflect the diversity of Westminster.  A dishonest act by a council that claims to honor diversity and promote inclusion.

I can see the problem and I will use our public assets and resources to benefit our citizens and neighborhoods.

  1. What do you think the city does well and where do you see room for improvement? We do most services well and we can improve them.
  2. What is your favorite thing about living in Westminster? My home, neighbors and your vote.

Contact information:
(303) 408-2288