Parking Summons Issued by The Westminster Police Department

The Westminster Police Department issues parking summons and traffic tickets handled by the Westminster Municipal Court. If you have been cited to appear at the Westminster Municipal Court, the court’s name and address will be listed below the signature box on the front of the summons.

For more information on summons issued by the Westminster Police Department please visit

Parking Citations Issued by Westminster Parking and Curbside Management 

Westminster Parking and Curbside Management issues parking citations for violations in Downtown Westminster and the Westminster Station area. For questions and concerns regarding parking citations in these areas, please contact us at

Pay a Parking citation issued by Westminster Parking & Curbside Management 

The city's parking management contractor, LAZ Parking,  issues civil citations for any violations in Downtown Westminster or the Westminster Station area. Look closely at your citation to determine the issuing authority and follow the best course of action to address it.

Available citation payment options for Downtown Westminster and Westminster Station Area when implemented

  • Online
  • In person: Westminster City Hall 7 a.m to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday *Suspended due to City Hall closure in response to COVID-19.
  • Mail payment and citation to:

Westminster Parking & Curbside Management
P.O. Box 747

Westminster, CO 80036

Here are a few examples of common civil parking citations:

  • Parking in a restricted area: "Loading or No Parking Zone"
  • Exceeding limited time parking 
  • ADA parking violations
  • Non-payment while parked in paid parking zone
How to dispute a parking citation issued by Westminster Parking & Curbside Management

Step 1 – Administrative Review

The first step in disputing a parking citation is an administrative review. This review is intended to screen citations issued by error where the respondent is not at fault. If you feel you were issued an invalid citation, you can dispute the citation online or by mail.

Send your written dispute and supporting documents to:
Parking & Curbside Management
P.O. Box 747.
Westminster, CO 80036

Step 2 – Administrative Hearing

If your citation is not dismissed in step 1 and you wish to contest the result of the administrative review, you can request a hearing with an Administrative Hearing Officer. All rulings by administrative hearing officers are final.