Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Westminster managing parking in Downtown and the Westminster Station areas?

Parking management strategies support our community goals and help us provide equitable access to our inventory. When parking spaces are managed more users can benefit with the turnover the managing strategies create.

These actions are supported in several strategic planning efforts including the City of Westminster Downtown and Station TOD Parking Plan updated in 2018.

What are the changes coming into these two areas?

Both Downtown Westminster and the Westminster Station areas have no current parking restrictions. This means there are no time limits or parking fees to park in both areas. City staff is working to implement a new parking management strategy that may include time limits and parking fees to provide better and equitable access to the curb for all users.

How will customers pay for parking?

Customers will have multiple options to pay for parking:

·         Pay by phone: download the free app, pay and be on your way!

·         Pay on a pay station: payment stations, kiosks or parking meters will be strategically located in the managed areas. Customers can enter their license plates, select their parking session duration, pay and be on their way.

·         Obtain a permit: for eligible users virtual permits will be issued to grant access to certain parking spaces or zones.


How much will it cost to park in these areas?

Parking garages and lots


·         0-4 Hours:    $0

·         4-5 Hours:    $2

·         5-6 Hours:    $3

·         6+   Hours:    $4 (daily max)

·         Overnight parking will be allowed by permit only.  

On-street parking

·         $0.25 every 15 minutes

·         $1 per hour

What do I need to pay for parking?

You’ll need your license plate number. All methods of payment require this information for each transaction. You’ll also need a credit card to process your transaction.

What forms of payment will be accepted by pay stations?

Pay stations will accept credit/debit cars. Cash will not be accepted. Patrons may also download the Passport mobile app to pay for parking.

Can I extend my stay if I need more time?

Yes, once you download the Passport app you can extend your stay to the maximum time allowed.

How long can I stay in a space?

Ø  2 hours – 8 am to 5 pm

Ø  3 hours after 5 pm

Where can I park and for how long when visiting Downtown or the Westminster Station area?

Time limit signs tell drivers how long they are allowed to park in a space, such as 2 hours.   This time restrictions will be enforced 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. These restrictions will not be enforced on Sundays or City observed Holidays.