Downtown Westminster

Downtown Parking Garage
8855 Eaton St.

Located on the corner of Eaton Street and 89th Avenue with 883 parking stalls, ten electric vehicle stations, over 50 bike parking spaces and complimentary first four hours of parking.

The garage is a publicly-owned Parksmart certified facility, which is a green building certification program that defines high-performing, sustainable garages to reduce environmental impact, increase energy efficiency, provide better lighting and ventilation and promote alternative modes of transportation. The garage will be followed by several others in the Downtown to provide convenient public parking throughout the area.

Downtown Parking Lots

  • A3 lot: 336 spaces | 5961 Central Ave. Access to Parking for ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE and the general public
  • JC Penney South Lot – 14 spaces. Public Parking Lot
  • JC Penney West Lot – 29 Spaces. Public Parking Lot

Westminster Station Transit Oriented Development

Westminster Station Parking Garage
6995 Grove St.

Located on the corner of Hooker Street and Westminster Station Drive. This garage has 631 parking spaces, eight electric vehicle stations, over 20 bike parking spaces, 350 RTD reserved spaces (from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday), and complimentary first four hours of parking.

Westminster Station Surface Lots

  • West Lot – 53 spaces -Temporarily closed due to construction
  • Center Lot – 61 spaces. Public Parking Lot
  • East Lot – 29 spaces. Public Parking Lot

Garages and Parking Lots Rates - effective Sept. 1

Hourly Parking Rates
0-4 hours $0
4-5 hours $2
5-6 hours $3
6+ hours $4