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Development review involves identifying all significant site plan, zoning, utility, traffic, mobility, and engineering issues that affect the layout and feasibility of your project. You will be assigned a Project Planner to guide you through each review phase.  Your project Planner will be responsible for coordinating internal and external technical reviews and ultimately provide you with comments and redlines though each phase.        

 Development Review is required for major and minor changes to existing zoning documents such as:

  • New Commercial Development 
  • Existing Commercial Redevelopment      
  • Infill 
  • Residential Development    

    To get your project started, follow these steps outlined below. 

Step 1

Learn about our Pre-Application Process and apply for a Pre-Application Meeting.

Step 2

Apply for a Formal Application Request and upload your project into the Online Permit Manager.

Step 3

Track the progress of your project while it is in the review process through the Online Permit Manager



Design guidelines are tools the City uses to provide minimum design criteria for all development types within the City of Westminster.  These guidelines are intended to result in the enhancement of the City's image to establish a level of quality, good design, and a cohesive and consistent design character.

Traditional Mixed Use Neighborhood District 

Retail Commercial 

Multi-family Residential 

Single Family Attached

Single Family Detached 

Senior Housing 

Landscape Regulations  

Public hearings are required for the following items:

  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments 
  • Rezonings
  • Property Annexation
  • Developments over 10 acres in size
  • Special Uses 
  • Variances
  • Preliminary Development Plan amendments that add a land use 

Public Hearing Process and Requirements 

Public Hearing Process and Requirements 

Certification of Neighborhood Notification for Public Hearing

Neighborhood Meeting and Mailer Information 

Example of Neighborhood Mailer for an Application Under Review  

Request to change a land use designation within the City's long range vision for growth.  For example, requesting to change your property from commercial to residential.  

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application Process

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Submittal Packet

Request to incorporate new territory into the City limits for development or to have the City provide services like water and sewer.  

Annexation Submittal Requirements 

Annexation Petition 

Affidavit or Circulator

Fire District Withdrawal 

Request to change a property's allowed land uses.  For example, requesting to change a property from Open District to Commercial. 

Rezoning Application  


Conditional and Special Use Permits

Request to apply for a review of a proposed use that is not an outright permitted use by right within a zoning category.  

Conditional Use Permit Application 

Special Use Permit Application


Request to modify or create a new telecommunication facility on public or private property

Telecommunications Submittal Requirements for Applicants


Request to apply for a form of relief from the designated zoning requirements that would otherwise be prohibited by code.

Variance Application

Special Event/Temporary Use

Special Event Permits are required for any events that will be held on the City Streets and Right-of-Way, within Parks, Open Space, and Trails, and for any event lasting more than two-hours on Private Property. The City has centralized the required forms and review process for all types of Special Event Permits in one Application Packet. Please review the entire Application Packet and submit all of the required forms during application.

Special Event Application Packet