The 2040 Plan 

An update of the current Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted in 2013, is underway. The plan will outline the vision to establish a consistent framework for land development and redevelopment. The plan will serve to align land uses with economic vitality, community health, community resilience, energy/climate, water resources, services and other relevant issues.

The Comprehensive Plan Update will build upon and bring together previous and future planning efforts in order to create consistency in development for the city over the next 20 years.

A report was provided to City Council on the new Plan on June 1, 2020 to include an outline of the new Plan. A presentation was also provided to the Westminster Planning Commission on July 14, 2020.

The Process

A community-focused process engaged the public through 2019 to solicit ideas and comments from Westminster residents and businesses. To read the summary of 2019 public engagement click here. To review the results of previous engagement in 2018 click here

Technical working groups will develop Plan content and periodic community engagement efforts will be held to get feedback on the draft Plan. Additional outreach in 2020 will be coordinated in consideration of COVID-19 protocols. A meeting-in-a-box is currently available as an alternative. To request one, please email Once the draft has been refined, City Council will review the Plan and then formally adopt it. 

Guiding Principles

1. Thriving Community:

- Distinctive city with a strong identity/Be bold, innovative, and different/Promote diversity and inclusiveness/Promote culture and the arts

- Vibrant community with a diverse, healthy economy/Resilient local economy/Financial sustainability

- Regionalism and changing trends/tech

2. Healthy Community:

- Integrated parks and open space system/Embrace the outdoors

- Safe and healthy community/Be one of the most sustainable cities

3. Great Neighborhoods:

- Well-designed, attractive neighborhoods/Distinct neighborhood pride

- Balanced housing mix/Leader in affordable housing

4. Managed Growth:

- Strategically located mixed-use and transit-oriented development

- Multimodal transportation system/Connectivity, accessibility and safety

- Environmental stewardship and water resource management/Feasibility of infrastructure and service costs (water and sewer)

- Mature city/Infill and redevelopment opportunities

The Results

After the Plan is developed, progress on it will be provided to the community. The progress will be tracked and provided through the use of dashboards and stories. A companion effort to create the following plans to form a coordinated portfolio of plans for the community:

  • Parks, Recreation and Libraries Master Plan
  • Transportation and Mobility Plan
  • Sustainability Plan
  • Water Supply Plan


The first phase of Westminster Forward kicked off with a series of events focused on the Comprehensive Plan from summer through winter of 2018. Key themes, findings and visual preferences identified by the public are reviewed in the Phase 1 and 2 Outreach Summary. Additional outreach activity from 2019 is summarized in the Phase 3 Outreach Summary.

Two reference maps have been drafted for the People, Places & Plans events in September and October 2019. These include a preliminary "Areas of Change" map that delineates nine "opportunity areas" in the city where most new development and redevelopment is anticipated to occur as well as identifying potential other locations of future change and current development projects already under going city review. A second map is a generalized framework for the next phase which is land use mapping. The generalized framework is meant to identify concepts for the future land use plan at a high level.

To view exhibits from the People, Places & Plans events in September and October 2019, click here.

To request a meeting-in-the-box, to host a small group exercise in your home or business or to provide input on the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, please email