Status of Planning AND DEVELOPMENT Projects

Welcome to the the Planning Division's Status of Development Projects webpage. This page aims to provide basic status information to the public and interested parties on many current and upcoming Planning projects that are under review.

Immediately below you will find thumbnail links representing some of the most asked about projects or most frequented project review pages followed by an expandable section containing an ever-growing list of projects under review and associated PDFs. Additionally, the dynamic map below can be searched for any existing or upcoming Planning project. Please do not hesitate to contact our Planning team using the contact information at the bottom of the page.

*The information represented on this top-level page and on specific project pages is subject to change during the development review process.

Most Frequently SEARCHED Projects

Development Review Map


About Planning

The Planning Division is primarily responsible for the coordination and approval process for all proposed land development, and is involved in a number of special projects and long-term land use, urban design and planning activities. The division also performs inspections and enforces development plans and processes to general zoning requests.

Please see below for a list of all Planning Division staff.

Administrative Support


Planning Manager

John McConnell, Interim Planning Manager, 303-658-2474,

Planning Staff

Stephanie Ashmann, Senior Planner, 303-658-2104,

Amy Johnson, Senior Planner, 303-658-2098,

Jacob Kasza, Senior Planner, 303-658-2123,

Nathan Lawrence, Senior Planner, 303-658-2099,

Josh Vaughn, Associate Planner, 303-658-2101,

Jennifer Baden, Associate Planner, 303-658-2097,

Long Range Planner

Andrew Spurgin, Long Range Planner, 303-658-2127,

Development Services Coordinator

David German, Development Services Coordinator, 303-658-2479,

City Urban Designer
Sean McCartney, City Urban Designer, 303-658-2095,