Westminster encourages individuals to use Transportation Demand Management (TDM) associations that can help residents understand all available transportation options and help make transportation choices that benefit them and our transportation system.

Traditional and innovative TDM strategies that encourage changes in travel behavior can mitigate traffic congestion, improving air quality and inspire commute behavior change. These strategies can reduce the need for costly highway improvements and allow the city and the economy to grow in accordance with our environmental and livability goals.

Commuting Solutions – Dedicated to delivering innovative transportation options that connect commuters to their workplaces, businesses to their employees and residents to their communities. Through advocacy for infrastructure and transportation improvements, partnerships and education, Commuting Solutions creates progressive, flexible transportation solutions.

Smart Commute Metro North – Works with communities and businesses to promote transportation options and improvements, foster economic vitality and enhance mobility in the metro north region. Smart Commute Metro North's service area is focused on the I-25 corridor north of I-70, but their interest and efforts include SH-7, US-85 and Fast Tracks North Metro Rail corridor.

Carpool and Vanpool

Way to Go is a regional partnership between the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and a dedicated group of Transportation Management Associations (TMAs), including Commuting Solutions. Way to Go partners work to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and make life better for the region’s residents. The My Way to Go website coordinates carpools and vanpools for commuters. Visit Way to Go or call 303-604-4383 to connect with commuters near you. 

  • Carpooling encompasses two or more people traveling together in one vehicle to their destination. Carpooling is easy because few people are involved. A carpool is flexible and can usually accommodate everyone’s needs. In a carpool, you save on gas and reduce wear and tear on a vehicle.
  • A vanpool is a group of five to 15 people with similar commutes (consistent start time and destination) who share a van provided by a vanpool provider. In exchange for a monthly fee, the vanpoolers receive a vehicle and the cost of insurance, fuel and vehicle maintenance is covered. Vanpool monthly fares range from $61-$160 per person per month based on one-way mileage and size of the van and includes the Guaranteed Ride Home program. If commuting to or from the City of Boulder, there is an additional $20/person per month subsidy available. 

The Guaranteed Ride Home provides a free taxi ride home from the office for employees who have an emergency arise (whether it’s an unexpected schedule change or a sick child). The Guaranteed Ride Home® program is offered as an added benefit of the following programs: Vanpool; Carpool; Bike to Work Day; and RTD's EcoPass. The Guaranteed Ride Home® can also be purchased by employers as a reasonably priced stand-alone service. For more information, please email mygrh@drcog.org or call 303-480-6745.

SmartTrips, a service of the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization, provides free online carpool matching for residents in the North Front Range region. Visit SmartTrips or call 800-332-0950 to get started. 

SmartTrips VanGo provides vanpool services for north Front Range residents for a monthly fare that varies depending on the participants’ pick-up and drop-off locations. Visit SmartTrips  or call the Program Manager at 970-221-6859 to join or start a vanpool. 


Rideshare programs like Uber and Lyft are great commute options! The pool feature allows for convenient, inexpensive and non-committal carpooling, and it’s simple! Download the application to your smart phone, synchronize a credit card, and you’re able to enter pick-up and drop-off locations. The application also provides real-time car tracking, so you’ll be able to see where your ride is and what time it will pick you up and drop you off. Both Uber and Lyft also diligently monitor rides for completion, and safety tracking is an included feature.