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The City of Westminster has initiated Code Forward to revise its design and development regulations and provide an implementation tool for the Westminster Forward Plans.

The city regulates development through Title XI of the Municipal Code, adopted design standards and guidelines, and conditions to Planned Unit Development (PUD) approval. Title XI, Chapters 1-5 and 7, establishes zoning regulations, development procedures, and site design standards. The Design Standards and Guidelines are applied through seven separate documents for single-family detached, single-family attached, multifamily, senior housing, retail and traditional mixed-use neighborhood development (TMUND), along with landscaping standards. 


  • update the development regulations to address current conditions;
  • reorganize the Municipal Code sections pertaining to land development into a "Unified Development Code";
  • consolidate the Design Standards and Guidelines in the Municipal Code;
  • refine the uses allowed in zoning districts or character areas;
  • update dimensional standards such as building setbacks, building height and lot coverage;
  • clarify standards for building elements such as entryways, materials, articulation and windows;
  • consider site features such as parking and landscaping; and
  • update processes such as rezonings, site plans, variances and appeals.

Title XI also establishes requirements for public land dedication, school land dedication, park development fees and public art that are not addressed in this process.

View Proposed Unified Development Code Outline 

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 The city is considering updates to the 2004 landscape regulations for the purposes of conserving water in new developments and redevelopments, improving alignment with other water conservation efforts underway by the city, and updating standards from those adopted 15 years ago.

The updated regulations will include guidance to assist developers and residents in choosing water-wise options for landscaping, turf, and irrigation choices:

  1. Landscape Regulations PowerPoint Presentation
  2. City Landscape Regulations

If you have questions or would like to offer input, please send an email to

Project Process and Schedule

This process is designed with ample opportunities for public participation. A preliminary schedule is shown below.

 View larger image of the timeline

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  • Procedures
  • Landscape
  • Use Patterns
  • Zoning
  • Design Standards
  • Use Regulations
  • Development Standards
  • Miscellaneous Chapters
  • Clean Up Provisions

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