The Plan 

Development of this community-driven plan will start in 2018. The plan will contain goals, objectives with measurable targets, strategies, actions and metrics to track progress. Topic areas in the plan will include park and trail development; recreation, library and golf facility upgrades and development; arts and culture; and historic preservation. An emphasis on nature, literacy, wellness and sustainability will be incorporated.

The Process

Staff will lead a community and city staff focused process to develop the plan. Technical working groups and consultants will develop plan content, and periodic community engagement efforts will be held to get feedback on the draft plan. Then, the City Council will formally adopt it.

The Parks, Recreation and Libraries Plan will link to existing plans, such as the Open Space Stewardship Plan and the Library Master Plan, and will be developed in coordination with the Comprehensive Plan, Transportation and Mobility Plan, Sustainability Plan and Water Supply Plan.

The process will begin in fall 2018 and will be completed by late 2019.

The Results

After the plan is developed, progress on the plan will be provided to the community through the website, social media and outreach.