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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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2/19/19 Suspicious Incident

Suspicious Incident

Date – February 19, 2019

On the evening of February 14, 2019, the School Resource Officer (SRO) for Wayne Carle Middle School was notified by staff of a suspicious incident that occurred off-campus.   The SRO was advised that a student was walking home from the bus stop in the area of 90th Avenue and Cody Circle when she was approached a by an unknown male who may have grabbed her.   The male was described as being approximately 6’00” tall, “scrawny” build and was wearing a black Oakland Raiders hoodie, khaki pants and black and grey high top athletic shoes.  The lower portion of his face was also covered. 

Upon notification of the incident, officers began working in conjunction with the Jefferson County School District and a notification letter was sent to parents.  This investigation is still ongoing and a suspect has not been identified.

The Westminster Police Department would like to remind parents to speak with their children about the following details with regard to Stranger Danger:

  • Strangers are not always scary or mean looking. A stranger is ANYONE you don’t know. Some strangers might act nice and friendly.
  • If a stranger approaches you on foot or in a vehicle, take a giant step backwards
  • Grown-ups can get help from other adults. You do not need to help an adult find a lost puppy or carry items from a car
  • If a stranger tries to talk to you or ask for help, yell “NO” as loud as you can and run away
  • Try to remember what the stranger looked like, as well as the vehicle and license plate number
  • Tell a trusted adult (like a parent, teacher, or Police Officer) about what happened immediately

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the Westminster Police Department at 303-658-4360

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