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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Amherst Park’s basketball court a functional work of art

Amherst Park’s basketball court a functional work of art

The problem was that it was boring. A court is the heart and soul for a basketball playing community and Eighth grade Silver Hills Middle School student Quincy Helsel wanted to give the basketball court at Amherst Park a pulse.

Helsel contacted Parks and Horticultural Superintendent Blake Ramsey about painting a design on Amherst Park’s basketball court at 13085 North Pecos St. Ramsey liked the idea and gave it the green light from the city.

Helsel found help in artist Martin Sernas, aka Zer, from Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California. If Helsel could get Zer to Westminster, the city would donate paint and materials to make the project happen.

All the pieces came together the weekend of August 24-25. Over the course of two days, working about 15 hours each day, Helsel, about 15 volunteers, and the Westminster Fire Department brought the court project to life.

In blues and reds, they painted the free throw lane, also known as the “paint,” the center court circle, and the baskets’ backboards. They also painted “on-deck” circles for players who can wait their turn during pick-up games. Last was the text “Got Next,” inspired by the video game NBA2K.

“Kudos to [Firefighter Ron] Taylor for hearing about this event and getting the engine two crew involved,” said Fire Captain Samuel D. Pendleton.

Also involved in the project were Westminster Police Department officers.

Helsel’s mother, Kim Sims, said, “It was such an amazing experience! Quincy sends his thanks to the city for their contributions.”

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