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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Big Dry Creek Sewer Project begins near Westcliff neighborhood at end of August

The Big Dry Creek Sewer Improvements Project is scheduled to begin at the end of August or early September. The project team has posted a detailed construction map on the project website that will show you where current construction activity is, what trail detours and roadway impacts should be expected, and what work and materials you may see if you are near the construction area.

The $32 million project will begin in the open space just north of the Westcliff neighborhood. This section of the project will be using a non-invasive pipe lining process that does not require excavation to restore the pipe. This process minimizes impacts for nearby residents, but there will be a temporary pipe laid on the ground and pumps running during working hours to bypass flows.

This work will take about two months to complete.

Thank you for your patience while we invest in this critical infrastructure. 

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