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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Changes proposed at Brookhill Towne Center

The city has received a request from the owner of Brookhill Towne Center to allow for future residential development possibilities at the property. The shopping center is located at the southeast corner of Wadsworth Parkway and West 92nd Avenue.

The owner, Brookhill V Acquisition, LLC, has not submitted plans for review with the city yet to develop the property. The proposed Preliminary Development Plan would facilitate this future residential development. This change is allowed in the city’s mixed-use comprehensive plan land use designation. 

This proposal will be presented for consideration by City Council in the future. A hearing date has not yet been requested. 


Are the existing businesses going to go away?

No, there are currently no plans submitted for review to demolish and remove any existing business or structures in the Brookhill commercial development as shown in the redlined area within the map. The landlord has indicated that many tenants have long term leases. The current application simply adds residential as an allowed land use for potential additional development to be incorporated to create a mixed use center. If this change is approved, it would allow for potential future commercial buildings that incorporate residential units on upper floors. This could result in a development similar to Bel-Mar in Lakewood or Streets of Southglenn in Centennial.  

Will this be an entirely residential development?

No, the Westminster Comprehensive Plan identifies the Brookhill commercial area as a “Focus Area” – which are the locations for the majority of future growth and development.  To meet this intent, a land use designation of Mixed Use was given to the properties along the east side of Wadsworth between West 88th and 92nd Avenues. This designation is intended to foster development with a mix of residential and commercial uses. Stand-alone commercial use or a combination of residential and commercial use is permitted. Where residential development is proposed, a vertical mix of uses (such as residential or office use above ground floor retail) is required. Under existing city plans and regulations a stand-alone residential development could not be permitted. For more information please click here and see 3.5 Brookhill Focus Area. Additionally, the requested amendment specifically states that multifamily residential units are considered to be accessory to the primary commercial use on the property. 

What is the zoning?

The property is zoned Planned Unit Development (PUD). PUDs within the city have zoning entitlement documents known as Preliminary Development Plans (PDPs) to establish a general framework for allowed uses, circulation, parks and amenities and utility considerations. The PDP for this property identifies a variety of commercial uses as allowed. As explained in the previous question, residential uses may be allowed consistent with the Westminster Comprehensive Plan as long as it is integrated with commercial uses. The anticipated format would provide commercial business on the ground floor, potentially office on the second floor and residential on higher levels. The property owner’s request with this application is to match the PDP with uses authorized for this location in the Westminster Comprehensive Plan.

Why is the city allowing more housing to be developed?

The city has chosen to take control of where growth occurs and has directed it into “Focus Areas” identified within the Comprehensive Plan. Five focus areas are identified in the Comprehensive Plan and Brookhill is one of them. These areas have the greatest potential for growth and change over the next 20 years. The focus areas comprise both new and existing activity centers near major crossroads and transit stations—locations that will serve as key opportunities for gateway development, establishing a strong city identity and fostering economic vitality.  Directing the majority of the growth to these five areas also ensures that existing neighborhoods are not disrupted by large scale new development.

Why does this not include the former Builders Square building?

The former Builder Square property was purchased and received zoning approvals in April 2019 from the city for redevelopment to include 306 multifamily units within five buildings. This development helps achieve the vision of the Brookhill Focus Area and supports surrounding commercial business uses.

Has this proposal already been approved?

No, the application is in review with the Department of Community Development and will be scheduled to go before Planning Commission and City Council. When the hearing dates are selected, the public will be notified of the date, time and location. Approval of the PDP would not authorize development of the proposed additional uses.  An Official Development Plan would be required as a subsequent step.

How will this new land use impact traffic?

There are currently no active submittals in for review for residential development on this site. If the city receives a new application, the applicant is required to submit either a traffic study or letter of conformance to an existing traffic study to determine if any street improvements will be required.  Should any improvements to Wadsworth Parkway be required, the city will work closely with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), since Wadsworth Parkway is not a city-maintained roadway.


If you have questions or comments, please contact Senior Planner Stephanie Ashmann at sashmann@cityofwestminster.us or 303-658-2104.

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