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Thursday, September 26, 2019

City moves forward with bonds to reinvest in the city’s water and wastewater infrastructure

On Monday, Sept. 24, City Council authorized staff to pursue up to $102 million in water and wastewater utility bonds to fund critical infrastructure improvement projects. Using bonds to fund these critical projects is an equitable way of sharing the cost of these long-term projects with customers that benefit from them over the next several decades.

Projects funded by these bond proceeds include Water 2025 (the planned replacement of the Semper Water Treatment Facility), repairs and improvements to the city’s largest sewer pipe, repair of the city’s main drinking water pump station, and optimization of the city’s water supply. 

One of the city’s core functions is protect the health and safety of its residents and water and sewer service is fundamental to protecting our community’s health and safety. A large portion of the city’s infrastructure was built in the late 1970s and early 1980s during a period of growth in the city. All of this infrastructure is now close to 50 years old and the city is working to replace it in a timely manner to protect public health and maintain reliable service.

The city operates and maintains $4 billion worth of water and wastewater infrastructure including over 900 miles of pipe, 18 pump stations, 5,000 fire hydrants and four treatment facilities.

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