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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

City Park Recreation Center gym floor rebuilt from ground up

City Park Recreation Center gym floor rebuilt from ground up

Players at the City Park Recreation Center are ready to dribble, serve, backhand and spike on the new floor in the gym and racquetball courts. With a 12,000 square foot floor that was original to the building in 1986 and had been damaged 10 years ago, it was past time for it to be replaced.

“We sand the floor about every seven years, and rough it up and recoat it with a water-based solution annually. However, a flood in 2006 damaged the wood pretty badly,” said Recreation Facilities Superintendent Tim Lachermeier. “We dried out the floor when that happened and have gotten more life out of it by sanding, but it was time for a new floor in the gym and racquetball courts.”

Lachermeier worked with the Facilities Maintenance Department to put out an RFP and evaluate bids. After selecting a bid, the city scheduled construction to start on Thursday, Aug. 23, when the recreation center closed for annual maintenance.

“It was planned to be a two month project, so it would last longer than our annual shut down,” said Lachermeier. “We shifted some of the programming that would have happened in there to West View Recreation Center.”

The first step was to demolish and remove all of the old wood panels down to the concrete floor. Triangle-shaped rubber pads are then laid down with two layers of plywood placed on top. Installation of the new two-inch thick maple wood floor then happens piece by piece. Lines are painted for all the different games played in the gym: basketball, volleyball, badminton and pickle ball. (The three adjacent racquetball courts are re-floored at the same time). The final step is an oil-based sealant layer followed one year later with a screen and water-based layer recoat.

“We had minor delays when some concrete was damaged in the initial demolition and when we had to screen and recoat the racquetball courts an additional time, but overall this has been a great project and we’re very happy with the contractor and the new floor,” said Lachermeier.

With regular maintenance, the new gym floor has a life expectancy of 30 years.

With 500,000 people visiting the recreation center every year, a gym floor that allows you to go balling is essential for city residents.

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