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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Colorado flag ‘embedded’ as flowers in Armed Forces Tribute Garden

Colorado flag ‘embedded’ as flowers in Armed Forces Tribute Garden

In Colorado’s flag, the white represents snow, the gold represents sunshine, the red represents red soil and the blue symbolizes clear blue skies. At the Armed Forces Tribute Garden, the greenhouse staff recreated our state’s flag, with a surrounding border, in 300 square feet of 682 flowers for residents to enjoy.

“When I was employed with Denver’s Parks and Recreation Department, one of my first bed designs was a Colorado flag bed,” said Parksworker Stephanie Johns. “I thought the Armed Forces Tribute Garden would be a perfect place for a flag bed as well since it’s the only area we can do an annual display that size.”

Johns worked with her fellow greenhouse staff to design the flag bed and make the plant selection. The flag bed consists of denim blue petunia's, red petunias, crystal white alyssum, yellow zinnia, wizard golden coleus, and then bordered with dusty miller, more red petunia's and decorative pigeon purple kale. The Colorado flag section of the flower bed measures 200 feet wide and 8 feet deep.

“We made the plant selection and designed the flag bed by the end of last year. We then started sowing seeds around the end of February,” said Johns.

Preparing for the flag bed consisted of taking a measuring stick and spray paint to indicate the size and location of the plants. It took about a half hour to measure and paint out and approximately two hours for the greenhouse staff to plant.

“The bed was planted before our last snow fell, which made greenhouse staff anxious, however the plants seem to have survived the lingering spring snows,” said Johns.

The plant selection for the bed should last the rest of the season until late October. 

“I also thought the location for the flag bed was a good one because the air traffic coming in and out of the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport would be able to see it!” said Johns.

“Everyone at the greenhouse loved the idea and are pleased with the outcome,” said Johns.

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