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Monday, June 3, 2019

Council approves purchase of new farm for biosolids

Council approves purchase of new farm for biosolids

During their meeting on Monday, May 20, City Council approved the purchase of additional farmland for the city’s biosolids management program. The city currently owns 3,000 acres of farmland east of Denver International Airport to apply biosolids from our wastewater treatment process. City Council approved the purchase of 1,200 additional acres of farmland for $2.2 million.

Biosolids are not poop! They are the dead bacteria and “bugs” that clean up wastewater at the city’s Big Dry Creek treatment plant. These biosolids are non-toxic, rich in nitrogen, organic matter, and other trace nutrients, and make excellent fertilizer for growing crops on the Eastern Plains of Colorado. Many other Front Range cities also own farms for this same purpose because it is much cheaper than paying a private entity to dispose of biosolids.

The Public Works and Utilities department has already been using this farmland in the biosolids program for the past decade, but under lease from the old property owner.

Buying this farmland will provide long-term security and reliability for the city’s biosolids program and avoid annual biosolids management costs to a private owner.

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