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Friday, May 7, 2021

Council transitions & recall election next steps

Events of the past two weeks have generated many questions in the community. The following timeline, references and links provide clarity on next steps as guided by the City Charter and Westminster Municipal Code.

April 28

  • After evaluation of the signatures contained in the previously disqualified petition sections the City Clerk’s Office finds that there are sufficient signatures to trigger a recall election for both Mayor Herb Atchison and Councillor Jon Voelz. Learn more on the Recall Petition page of the City website.

May 3

  • At the advice of his physician, Herb Atchison resigned as Mayor of the City of Westminster. Read more regarding the resignation.
  • As a result of Former Mayor Atchison’s timely resignation under Charter Section 3.18, there will be no recall election held for the Mayor’s seat.   Specifically, Charter Section 3.18 and Westminster Municipal Code (“WMC”) 7-1-10(E) each provide that “…the Council, if the officer sought to be removed does not resign within 5 days [after certification by the clerk], shall order an election.”  A timely resignation means no recall election is scheduled for that person who has resigned.
  • A recall election for Councillor Jon Voelz will proceed.
  • Mayor Pro Tem Anita Seitz is now Acting Mayor.

May 10

Beyond May 10

  • The vacancy created when Mayor Pro Tem Anita Seitz is sworn in as Mayor on May 10 is filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the City Council (see details above). There is not a prescribed application or interview process for filling a council vacancy. Council will provide direction on how they wish to proceed with filling this vacancy in a post-meeting discussion on May 10.
  • The dates for a recall election will be established through the Adoption of a resolution at the May 10 City Council Meeting. This resolution will also designate the time period for candidates to file their nomination petitions.

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