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Wednesday, June 9, 2021
In: Police

Follow Up - Aggravated Robbery

Date – June 9, 2021

In response to the press release issued by the Adams County District Attorney’s office regarding the arrest of Mr. Valdez Gonzalez for aggravated robbery over the weekend;

Based upon information received on June 5th, 2021 officers were able to establish probable cause to arrest Mr. Valdez.  That conclusion was the result of the initial investigation that included statements from numerous independent witnesses.  Officers followed proper procedures and arrested and jailed Mr. Valdez.

During the subsequent investigation additional details and facts came to light that led detectives to believe that Mr. Valdez did not commit this crime.  Part of that information included that the crime did not occur the way it was initially reported.  Detectives immediately requested the case be reviewed by the district attorney’s office and requested that charges not be filed. 

The investigation into this incident is on-going and Mr. Valdez is not a suspect.   



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