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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Parks, Recreation and Library employees tackle new tasks during facility shut down

Parks, Recreation and Library employees tackle new tasks during facility shut down

Normally, Fitness Instructor Sunny Benedetti teaches classes at the recreation centers. However, when the city closed recreation facilities in March, Benedetti was looking for a way to keep working and provide meaningful service to the city where she is both a resident and employee.

In response employees’ desire to keep working, the Parks, Recreation and Library Department launched a portal for staff in similar situations to connect them with ongoing opportunities.

The city’s trail system has seen a significant increase in usage since the stay-at-home order was released, but with an increase in foot traffic comes an increase in trash in these public spaces.

Benedetti and others signed up to gather and dispose of trash on the trails. Instead of being indoors with their normal job duties, they have instead been outside picking up trash instead! After three weeks of trash cleanup, they have gained a new appreciation for the work it takes to keep the open spaces, parks and trails pristine.

“Every person in the world, regardless of who you are, should spend a few hours picking up trash,” said Benedetti. “It gives you time to think about the importance of not littering.”

A small group of clerks from City Park Recreation Center have been roving along Big Dry Creek trail picking up trash along the way. Guest Relations Clerk II Sally Thomas, Guest Relations Clerk II Raelynn Ardalan and Guest Relations Clerk II Anita Vidick tackled the Frisbee golf course at Big Dry Creek and found “someone’s shorts, socks and half a skateboard!”

College Hill Library Clerk I Jill Frye has been tackling her neighborhood’s trails and is able to walk to work! For Frye, this opportunity has been a great fit.

“Every time I go for a walk I think ‘I should have grabbed a trash bag!” said Frye. “So this is fantastic!”

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