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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Pledge to be more water wise and win money

Pledge to be more water wise and win money

Perhaps no other natural resource is as important to us in Colorado as water. That’s why Westminster Mayor Herb Atchison is joining mayors across the country and encouraging you to take the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation, April 1-30, on behalf of our city and the great charities in this community.

By making a simple pledge to save water and reduce pollution, you are not only doing your part for our community - you can win any of hundreds of prizes, including $3,000 toward your home's utility bills, home improvement store gift cards, Toro Smart Irrigation controllers and more. Plus, this year you can nominate your favorite charity to win a 2019 Toyota Highlander Hybrid to help that charity continue to do its great work in the community.

As it has become increasingly clear, the value of water conservation has enormous benefits to local economies, the environment and even our global climate. In heavily populated drought-plagued states, the benefits of conservation are incalculable; by being mindful of water use - even in water abundant states - we have an opportunity to save enormous amounts of energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The bottom line is: water conservation not only benefits every state in the nation, it benefits the entire planet.

That is why we, as residents of need to do our part to conserve water and energy. Be a part of the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation and make your pledge to reduce water consumption at mywaterpledge.com. If our city has the highest percentage of participating residents taking the pledge, we will all be entered to win great prizes. We are all in this together!

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