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Monday, June 13, 2022

Small Business Spotlight: Custom Flag Company

Small Business Spotlight: Custom Flag Company


Custom Flag Company has been around for more than two decades, helping clients project their image with custom printed products, flags and banners. They also install, maintain, repair and move flagpoles, as well as repair flags. We recently spoke with president, Kim Griebling and company dog, Betsy Ross about the flag business and being in Historic Westminster. If you visit Custom Flag Company, look for Betsy to greet you – if she isn’t working from home that day. 😉

When did you start Custom Flag Company?

Kim Griebling: Custom Flag Company began in 1998 in the living room of my home, along with my father, Phil Millett. We quickly moved to our renovated underground headquarters – also known as my basement. We soon outgrew that space and purchased the building we currently occupy at 3995 West 73rd Avenue in Historic Westminster. We recently used a Small Business Capital Projects Grant from the City to do some interior updates on our building.

What is your top selling flag?

KG: Our top selling flag is the American flag. Custom Flag Company is a certified FMAA retailer which means we have pledged to only sell American flags that are 100% made in the USA. This means that every part of the US flag (fabric, thread, dye, and all components) is made in America.

What are the best ways to take care of your flag?

KG: Some tips to prolong the life of your flag include:

  1. Bring your flag inside during inclement weather, especially high wind. This alone will extend the life of the flag significantly.
  2. Take your flag down at sunset. Tests have shown that a flag flown 24 hours a day will only last ¼ of the time of a flag flown only during daylight hours.
  3. Clean and mend your flag. Cleaning the flag will remove dirt and pollutants that break down fibers of the fabric. At the first sign of tattering, a flag can be mended (sewn) to keep the flag looking fresh. This is a service we offer.
  4. Consider the surroundings -- is the flag close to any rough surfaces, tree branches, brick, gutters, or wires? When the flag is free from these surfaces, the life of the flag is extended.

What do you like best about having your business in Historic Westminster?

KG: I think it is nostalgic to have a flag company in a historic part of town. We have been at this location almost 20 years and it has been fun to see the transformation of this neighborhood. I love the brick paver sidewalks, the old-fashioned lighting, and the small town feel in the middle of a metropolitan city. So many customers make their way to 73rd Avenue and are surprised to find a diverse, eclectic neighborhood.  I look forward to future development and commerce in Historic Westminster.

Learn more about Customer Flag Company at www.customflagcompany.com.

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