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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Small Business Spotlight: Whistling Hare Distillery

Small Business Spotlight: Whistling Hare Distillery


Whistling Hare Distillery is a family-owned, small-batch distillery located in Westminster, Colorado. They specialize in premium spirits using local ingredients. We caught up with distillery manager, Sandy Harrison, to learn more about their unique name, best-selling spirit, and much anticipated upcoming releases.

Tell us a little more about the history of Whistling Hare.

SH: We are the second ownership/management team to run Whistling Hare. The distillery was originally started in Oct of 2015 by Howard Tuthill. Current owner, Sandy Rothe, caught the craft distilling bug and wanted to bring the finest small batch spirits to market. We've always been grain-to-glass with a focus on the premise that good spirits should be made from fresh, local and sustainable ingredients. 

What does the Whistling Hare Distillery offer?

SH: We currently offer a Blue Corn Bourbon, Foothills Gin, Blue Corn Vodka, White Rum, Amber Rum, and Wine Barrel-Aged Rum. You can get them at our distillery, and also at bars and liquor stores throughout the Front Range and parts of the high country. We also have a craft cocktail and tasting room at the distillery where we pour tasting flights and drinks. Just like our booze, the tasting room is all made from scratch – the fruit is juiced and syrups are made daily.

Do you do any outside events?

SH: We do a handful of outside events a year, usually with a whiskey focus. We have done events where we set up and pour samples of spirits and one or two cocktails. This year, though, we're going to be at the Southwest Plaza Farmer's market in Littleton a couple of Saturdays a month until October. It's our first Farmer's Market and we're really excited!

What is your most popular/best-selling spirit?

SH: Bourbon, by a bunch. Vodka and gin are pretty much tied for our second best sellers.

Do you have any upcoming events or limited editions?

SH: There are a couple of exciting releases coming up. World Gin Day is June 11th and we'll have a limited barrel aged gin that we release that day. We've also had a lot of folks waiting two years for our next batch of rye whiskey. There will be a big release of it in early November. We're hoping to make it a full-time product at some point.

Finally, where does the name Whistling Hare come from?

SH: The American Pika – a small, rabbit-like mammal that makes its home in the Rockies, has a trademark chirp that gives it the nickname "Whistling Hare." It spends most of the spring and summer storing enough nearby vegetation to sustain it through the winter. Like the pika, we spend a great deal of time selecting quality local ingredients, to make craft spirits inspired by our love for the outdoors.

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