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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Standley Lake Boating Taskforce discusses possible tagging solutions

The Standley Lake Boating Taskforce (SLBT), formed in April 2019, met for the seventh time on Tuesday, Oct. 15, to review recommended solutions for restoring trailered boats to Standley Lake without compromising the quality of the water. Trailered boats were indefinitely banned on Standley Lake in March due to increasing concerns of zebra and quagga mussel infestation.

The taskforce is chaired by a member of the Parks, Recreation, Libraries and Open Space Citizen Advisory Board and is made up of four additional members that represent the power boating, kayaking, and boat dealer, and non-boating communities.

During the meeting, the tagging sub-committee presented additional solutions to the taskforce. The tagging subcommittee consists of the Standley Lake Coordinator acting as the chair along with several members of the Friends of Standley Lake group. This group is tasked with investigating tagging options, identifying pros and cons, as well as researching new tagging techniques.

Those additional solutions include:

  1. Significant enhancements to secure XP Tagging (one of the new proposed tagging solutions) – new suggestions were submitted for staff and SLBT to review shortly before the evening meeting.
  2. A new approach to an RFID system. The subcommittee informed the taskforce and staff that an RFID system prototype was being delivered this week and should be considered as a new tagging solution and as a “layering” solution.

The subcommittee agreed to further research and test these systems and to then meet with the SLBT again at a later date, yet to be determined.

The SLBT and the tagging subcommittee agree that a solution meeting the SLBT’s purpose and objectives is more important than expedience. They also discussed a modified boating season, which would be better than no boating season, if a solution was found.

If a solution is found, the tagging subcommittee is also recommending "higher level staff" be responsible for the inspection and operation of the Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) program, which inspects for zebra and quagga mussels, throughout the boating season. 

The SLBT meeting concluded with recommendations from the SLBT to city staff, which included a majority of SLBT not supporting tagging recommendations as they stand on Tuesday, Oct. 15. However, there is interest in seeing further review of the secure XP tagging system with the new enhancements learned that evening.

This summer, the SLBT endorsed several solutions, which would work in tandem together. These solutions have been submitted to city staff for further exploration and implementation.

These proposed solutions included:

  • Noke lock system
  • Cable and swage system
  • Security tags
  • State WID data application
  • Other significant solutions including policy and procedure changes

The city’s goal is to implement these solutions, if possible, for the 2020 boating season. However, the city will continue its protocol of an annual review of the boating program at Standley Lake to assure the water quality is not being compromised.

To track progress, obtain weekly updates, view the timeline and listen to SLBT meeting recordings, please visit the Standley Lake Boating Taskforce.

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