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Monday, April 1, 2019

Water 2025 committee visits treatment plant in Golden, CO

Water 2025 committee visits treatment plant in Golden, CO

As a part of the city’s plan to construct a new drinking water treatment facility, the Water 2025 project will also build a pilot plant. To learn more about pilot plants and how they could benefit the city’s Public Works and Utilities Department, the Water 2025 steering committee toured a plant in Golden in early March.

“A pilot plant simulated a full-scale drinking water treatment facility,” said Utilities Engineering Manager Julie Koehler. “City engineers and operators can test ideas in the pilot plant with no risk to the actual treatment system since the treatment facilities would be separate.”

Nine city staff from Public Works & Utilities, the City Manager’s Office and Community Development gained valuable insight into treatment processes, safety, power supply, staff training and use of space.

“With this pilot plant, our engineers and operators will be able to conduct live tests of different treatment processes and identify opportunities and problems,” said Koehler. “Pilot plant data can also help how the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment applies drinking water standards to the facility. A smaller process footprint can save the city, and our residents, money.”

Water 2025 is a long-term planning project to replace the city's aging Semper Water Treatment Facility by 2025 and ensure high-quality drinking water for our community now and into the future.

The city plans to identify the best site for the new facility by early 2019 using a systematic review process that is based on technical and operational requirements, as well as significant community engagement.

Learn more about the Water 2025 project

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