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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Water 2025: Getting the design right with a pilot water plant

On Monday, Sept 24, City Council approved the purchase of a pilot water plant as part of Water 2025. Water 2025 is the project to phase-out the city's aging Semper Water Treatment Facility and have in place a new water treatment facility by 2025.

A pilot water plant system is a micro-scale water treatment plant used to test and identify treatment processes. The city will test a variety of anticipated future water conditions.

Pilot testing is an important tool in the design of water treatment facilities. Data from pilot testing leads to cost savings by accurately identifying the design factors for the full-scale plant through hands-on water treatment and testing.

The pilot plant will be operated by the city’s Public Works and Utilities department. Assistance will be provided by a University of Colorado graduate student and CDM Smith, the city’s Water 2025 consultant.

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