Park Amenities

  • Basketball court
  • Multi-use turf fields
  • Access to regional trail (Big Dry Creek Trail)
  • Parking
  • Restroom facility (portable)
  • BBQ grill

CLASSIFICATION: Community park (I and II combined)

SIZE OF PARK: 9.9 acres


Bluegrass Conversion to Native/Drought Resistant Grasses

The Parks Division is currently managing three pilot projects in which we are converting bluegrass areas to native and drought-resistant grasses. The process involves killing areas of bluegrass with a nonselective herbicide (in this case Roundup), mowing the vegetation as close as possible to create a new seed bed and then drilling the new grass seed into the ground. To speed up the germination process, the irrigation system is then used to re-establish the new grass and provide a head start for this conversion. Pilot parks for this conversion process include Kensington, Oakhurst Phase II and England Park.