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Within the City of Westminster, there are approximately 150 miles of trails, most of which wind through the open space and provide access to magnificent views, wildlife corridors, and natural beauty. There are 5 regional trails, 15 loop systems, 12 park loops, plus minor trails that, when combined, add up to 50 different trails within the system. The 5 regional trails include Big Dry Creek Trail, Little Dry Creek Trail, Farmers’ High Line Canal Trail, U.S. 36 Bikeway, and the Rocky Mountain Greenway Trail. Get more information on trails.

In 1985, voters in Westminster approved a sales tax specifically earmarked to acquire and preserve open space.  At that time, Westminster was the second municipality in Colorado to implement an open space program.  Since then, Westminster has preserved over 3,100 acres throughout the City and has accomplished the original goal of preserving 15% of the City’s land area. This accomplishment demonstrates the City’s commitment to preservation, conservation, and resource sustainability.

In 2016, Open Space became a separate division within the Parks, Recreation and Libraries Department with 17 full-time employees. Within the Open Space Division there are teams that oversee open space and trail maintenance, urban forestry, community gardens, dog parks, volunteers, grants, outdoor recreation, nature programs, and Standley Lake Regional Park. 

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Rod Larsen

Open Space Division Manager 

Joe Reale

Open Space Superintendent 

Kristen May

Stewardship Specialist 

Matt Moritz

Open Space Foreman 

Hans Reichgelt