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Standley Lake offers paddle craft rentals, seasonal paddling permits and daily paddle passes. Paddle craft can access the lake on a daily basis with a daily paddle pass or a paddle permit.  Annual permits are sold at the Standley Lake Nature Center.  Standley Lake is open for paddling May 1 through Sept. 30 from 7 a.m. to sunset.

Standley Lake does not allow any type of watercraft including paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, inflatable rafts, or tubes to enter into the lake at any entrance point except the main park entrance located at 100th Avenue and Simms Street. Any and all paddle craft must be sprayed in accordance with Aquatic Nuisance Species regulations (see below) prior to launching. Staff reserves the right to disallow any type of paddle craft that is not suitable for use on the lake at their discretion. 

Allowed: Car top boats and paddle craft (car top vessels are those that can be lifted onto and taken from the top of a passenger vehicle or from the bed of a truck), multi-chambered inflatable devices. Electric motors allowed.  
Prohibited: Trailer-hitched boats, motorized gas powered boats and engines, sailboats, belly boats, single-chambered flotation devices, including inflatable rafts, inner tubes and inflatable mattresses, pool toys or any floating device not designed for open water use.

All boats and paddle craft must meet ANS (Aquatic Nuisance Species) program guidelines before gaining access to the lake.  

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers



Standley Lake offers hourly rentals on paddle boards, kayaks, double kayaks, row boats, HydroBikes and canoes. We have approximately 250 surface acres designated for non-motorized vessels only, although the entire lake is accessible. Hourly rates are based on a two (2) hour rental. There is a $5 surcharge for one (1) hour rentals. 

Hourly rentals are available starting at 9 a.m. daily, May 1 – Sept. 30. Rentals must be checked out no later than 5:00 p.m. All paddle craft must be removed from the water by sunset, daily. All participants must sign a waiver and adhere to the park rules & regulations. Patrons must be 18 or older to sign the liability waiver for paddle craft rentals. By signing the waiver you are assuming responsibility for all persons in your party. Minors (under 18) must have an adult with them on the water at all times. Life jackets are included with all rentals. Standley Lake does not offer paddles for rent. 

Canoe (hourly) - $10 

Kayak (1 person - hourly) - $11 

Kayak (2 person - hourly) - $15 

Stand-up paddle board (hourly) - $15 

Pedal Boats (hourly) - $22

HydroBikes (hourly) - $15

Life Jacket (human & dog life jackets available) - $5

Daily Paddle Pass - $15 (plus $5 for each additional paddle craft) - Pass includes single-day park entry and use for one (1) paddle board, canoe, kayak, and multi-chambered inflatable rafts only. All paddle craft must enter at the main entrance to the park and will be sprayed in accordance with ANS protocols. If paddle craft is brought in on a trailer, then the 35 day quarantine will be required per ANS (aquatic nuisance species) protocols in addition to an annual paddle permit. Only paddle craft brought in on a car or truck bed are eligible for a daily paddle pass (no trailers). Available May 1 - Sept. 30.

Standley Lake does not allow pool toys or any floating device not designed for open water use. Staff reserves the right to disallow any type of water craft that is not suitable for use on the lake at their discretion. 

Paddle Craft ($200) - Allows 7-day-a-week entry and paddling for two (2) paddle craft (no motor), May 1 through Sept. 30. Storage and camping are not included. Also allows off-season access into park Oct. 1 through Dec. 31.  Paddle Craft permits can be purchased in-person at the Standley Lake Nature Center. 

What is the process to get my paddle craft decontaminated?
All paddle craft must enter the park through the main gate. When you purchase your daily paddle pass ($15) at the gate house, staff notifies ranger staff to meet you at the spray station to spray your craft (paddle craft must be inflated prior to getting the spray if it is an inflatable).  You will be required to present your entry receipt to the ranger at the spray station.  Rangers will conduct the spray using hot water (no chemicals). Once sprayed, you will receive a wrist band, which indicates your paddle craft has met the ANS protocols and is clear to launch on the lake. Any person(s) utilizing paddle craft must wear valid wristband while recreating at Standley Lake.  

I am interested in using paddle craft on the lake. What are my options?
There are several options. There is an annual $200 paddle craft permit, which covers up to two paddle craft per permit. You also have the option of paying daily, which is $15 for one paddle craft and $5 for each additional paddle craft. The daily paddle pass also includes park entry for the day. Another option is to purchase a $60 annual pass (which gets your vehicle into the park) and then pay a discounted rate of $8 per day (this covers one paddle craft, $5 will be charged for each additional paddle craft). All paddle craft must be sprayed before launching onto Standley Lake in accordance with ANS regulations. 

What are the PFD (personal flotation device) requirements to paddle on Standley Lake?
There must be a PFD available for each person utilizing paddle craft. All children under the age of 13 must wear a properly fitting PFD at all times. 

What kind of fish are there in Standley Lake?

The most commonly caught are Rainbow Trout, Small and Large Mouth Bass, Walleye, Wiper, and Carp.  We also have Channel Catfish, Brown Trout, Yellow Perch, and Sunfish.