Lifelong Learning

Adult lifelong learning topics continue to expand with quality instructors and at an affordable price. Pick up a current copy of the Westminster Activity Guide at any Westminster Recreation Center to see the entire schedule of all adult programs and activities. Register online, over the phone or in person.

Early registration is encourage for the following reasons:

  • Class sizes are kept small for optimal learning and many classes fill quickly.
  • Instructors need time to ready supplies and be prepared to teach a quality class.
  • If a class has low enrollment, it may be canceled. Your enrollment could be the one that allows the class to run.

Please call 303-658-2292 for more information on adult lifelong learning opportunities and adult special events.

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The Westminster Recreation Department offers a wide range of educational seminars, classes, and special events for adult learners. Classes are designed to educate, entertain, and enrich the lives of adults in the Westminster community.

Benefits of participation in adult lifelong learning programs:

  • opens the mind and gives new perspectives
  • opportunity to make new friends and establish valuable relationships
  • stay on top of changing technology
  • increases knowledge base on wellness topics
  • feel more connected to the Westminster community


Uber It!
Need a ride? Uber is a popular and convenient alternative to a taxi. Learn to “hail” a driver and discover how to use other Uber services. Bring your device and your Apple ID and passwordor Google account and password to download the Uber app.

Private Computer or Tablet Tutoring Sessions
Bring your device and questions for a one-hour private session on your own laptop, iPad, Kindle, or Android tablet.

Smart Phone Basics
Sign up for a one-on-one, 30-minute consultation to learn the basic functions of your cell phone. Instructor contacts you directly to arrange your specific appointment time on the date you select. Pre-registration is required. Bring your charged cell phone.

Make the Most of your iPhone
Enable voice dial to make calls without dialing. Set up touch ID so you don’t have to type in your PIN. Turn on Find My iPhone in case you lose it. Change the text size and volume of notifications. Add family contacts to favorites for quick access.
Learn to use Facetime to make video calls to loved ones. Bring your own iPhone.



Essential Kitchen Tools
When setting up a new kitchen or downsizing an existing one, it can be overwhelming to choose which kitchen utensils, gadgets, and accessories you really need. Discover the essential kitchen equipment needed in order to prepare anything fromsimple dishes to gourmet meals.

Cajun and Creole Cooking
Learn how to prepare easy, healthy and delicious Cajun and Creole recipes. Samples are provided. 

Healthy Holiday Sides
By incorporating a few food substitutes, you can transform traditional, calorie-laden holiday side dishes into healthier options. They are so tasty you won’t know they are good for you. Samples are provided.



Conversational French
Conversational French language skills used for travel and in everyday activities are refined in this interactive class. Basic French speaking skills are required. There are no books or homework in this relaxed, stress-free class. C’est magnifique!

Beginning Italian for Travelers
Buongiorno! Learn about Italy’s regions and practice speaking in a relaxed environment. Acquire basic Italian language skills for meeting and greeting, getting directions and transportation info, shopping, and ordering in a restaurant. Past tenses and
grammatical constructions are taught. Instructor is a native Italian speaker with 15+ years of teaching experience.

Italian Grammar
Designed for students who have taken the Beginning Italian class, this course explores more in-depth grammatical constructions, and helps build the foundation to become more versed in Italian. Conversations, verb conjugations, use of adjectives and pronouns, and an introduction to prepositions are covered.


Westminster Ukulele Community
The Westminster Uke Community is open to ukulele players of all skill levels. Beginner to advanced ukulele players are invited to play songs together and learn from each other. Bring your ukulele, paper copies of songs that you would like the group to play, and a music stand and tuner if you have one. Ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. No registration necessary. 
Tuesdays, September 17, Oct 15, Nov 19, Dec 17; 6:30-8 p.m.; FREE; Swim & Fitness Center Community Room

Beginning Ukulele
Learn all of the basics on how to play the ukulele. Study posture, technique, learn chords, and simple finger-picking patterns. Bring a ukulele, pencil, folder for handouts, and a music stand if you have one.

Country Line Dance at The MAC and West View
Learn a variety of popular line dances. No partner or experience is needed. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for dancing. This on-going class meets every Monday. This on-going class meets every Monday and is free with any Westminster annual facility pass or SilverSneakers® membership. Daily facility drop-in fee applies to all others. 

Wedding Dance Lessons 
Select your wedding song and have a dance instructor teach you the perfect dance to do at your wedding.

Couples Ballroom Dance
Learn a variety of ballroom dance moves and patterns. No experience necessary. Beginners learn basic steps and advanced dancers refine their skills. Dance sessions include Waltz and Rumba; West coast Swing and Tango; and East Coast Swing and Salsa. A partner is required and must register individually.



Functional Fitness Sessions
If you’re interested in feeling healthier and more vital, Functional Fitness Sessions are for you. Enhance your ability to perform activities of daily living by improving balance, flexibility, and mobility; reducing the risk of falls; maintaining bone density; and growing stronger. One-on-one sessions are held at The MAC with Laura Brieser-Smith, Certified Exercise Physiologist. Age 55 and better. Call The MAC at 303-426-4310 to schedule your session. Fee: $39 per 1 hour session; $110 for three sessions.

Health and Wellness Coaching
If you want guidance on how to feel healthier and more vital, Functional Fitness Sessions are for you. Enhance your ability to perform activities of daily living by improving balance, flexibility, and mobility; reducing the risk of falls; maintainingbone density; and growing stronger. One-on-one sessions are held at The MAC with Laura Brieser-Smith, Certified Exercise Physiologist.

Brain Fitness
The brain responds to exercise just as the body does. Build a stronger and quicker brain by engaging in a variety of memory and word games and number and logic puzzles. Socialize with others while you stretch and strengthen your brain.

Benefits of Stretching
Don’t let balance or inability to get up and down off the floor prevent you from stretching. Stretching benefits include:increased flexibility, range of motion, and blood flow; and improved performance in daily physical activities. Discover modifications and adaptive devices you can use to perform a stretching routine. Wear comfortable clothes for doing exercise.

Fall Prevention Workshop
Workshop is designed for people who have a fear of falling or who have fallen. Trained leaders share specific steps to build participants’ confidence in their ability to maintain an active lifestyle. Medication management, vision checks, hazards in the home, and strength and balance exercises are covered.

Love the Mediterranean Diet
What is there not to love about the Mediterranean diet? There’s no calorie counting, fat isn’t forbidden, you can have bread and wine, you won’t be hungry, and your heart will thank you. Get all the diet details and discover how simple it is to make the healthy
switch and “go Mediterranean.”

Protein Myths and Facts
Getting adequate amounts of protein in your diet is important as protein performs many functions in the body and regulates appetite. However, too much can cause health problems. Discover how much protein your body needs, the pros and cons of protein, and the best sources for you.

Good Gut Health
A healthy gut helps us with more than digesting the foods we eat. It can impact body weight, risk of heart disease and diabetes, and brain health. Learn about the ways your gut affects your overall health and get strategies for improving gut

Amazing Apple Cider Vinegar
We think of apple cider vinegar for cooking, but it may also have amazing health benefits. Learn about the nutrients it contains and
how it may help with diabetes, weight loss, cholesterol, and more. Common household uses are also discussed.

Healthy Joints
While your joints allow your body to move, they can also be a source of pain and strange creaks and pops. Learn about the different types of joints in your body and specific exercises, nutrients, and supplements that are helpful in keeping your joints in healthy, tip-top shape.

Podiatry Appointments
Podiatry services at The MAC include: general foot exam; diabetic foot exam; toenail and callus trimming; evaluation of foot/ankle pain or injury; and treatment of bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, and ingrown toenails. Appointments with Dr. Kassel and Dr. Taylor are required by calling Horizons Foot and Ankle Clinic at 303-465-6292.

Lung Function Testing
Find out how well you are breathing. Take a simple test to measure how much and how fast you can move air into and out of your lungs. Reservations are required. CALL 303-426-4310 to reserve your 10-minute appointment time. Testing is done by National Jewish Health.

Free Blood Pressure Checks
Meet a member of the Westminster Fire Department and have your blood pressure checked for free. First come, first served. 

Visiting Nurse Association Health Clinics
Medical foot care by a registered nurse is offered the first Tuesday and fourth Friday of each month at The MAC. Call 303-698-6496 to schedule, confirm a Kaiser insurance plan, or cancel an appointment. Fees vary depending on service.


What to Eat When You Have Diabetes
Are you having difficulty controlling your diabetes? Learn how different types of foods affect blood sugar levels and get strategies for planning healthy meals and snacks. Class is taught by a registered dietitian.

Move to Manage Diabetes
Physical exercise dramatically improves your body’s ability to use insulin and lowers blood sugar levels. It is an integral part of managing diabetes. Learn the best types of exercise to perform and how to set up an individualized exercise program that works with
your current fitness level.

Creative Cooking for Diabetes
Knowing what and how to cook can be challenging for anyone, but it is especially challenging when you have diabetes. Hear about the latest in diabetic diet strategies and learn how to reduce fat and sugar in recipes. Recipes and samples are provided. Class is taught by a registered dietitian.