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Adult Life & Learning

Lifelong Learning

Adult lifelong learning topics continue to expand with quality instructors and at an affordable price. Pick up a current copy of the Westminster Activity Guide at any Westminster Recreation Center to see the entire schedule of all adult programs and activities. Register online, over the phone or in person.

Early registration is encourage for the following reasons:
•    Class sizes are kept small for optimal learning and many classes fill quickly.
•    Instructors need time to ready supplies and be prepared to teach a quality class.
•    If a class has low enrollment, it may be canceled. Your enrollment could be the one that allows the class to run.

Please call 303-658-2292 for more information on adult lifelong learning opportunities and adult special events.

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The Westminster Recreation Department offers a wide range of educational seminars, classes, and special events for adult learners. Classes are designed to educate, entertain, and enrich the lives of adults in the Westminster community.

Benefits of participation in adult lifelong learning programs:

  • opens the mind and gives new perspectives
  • opportunity to make new friends and establish valuable relationships
  • stay on top of changing technology
  • increases knowledge base on wellness topics
  • feel more connected to the Westminster community


Private Computer or Tablet Tutoring Sessions
Bring your device and questions for a one-hour private session on your own laptop, iPad, Kindle, or Android tablet.

iPad Basics 
Make the most of your iPad, with more than 700,000 apps that do everything from learning about your iPad to reading a book on it. Contemplating purchasing one? Learn more about it.

How to Uber
Uber is an affordable transportation option, whether close to home or away on vacation. Participants download the Uber app to their cell phone. Instruction is given on how to request and pay for a ride.

Basics of a Mac Computer 
This beginner class teaches skills on your Mac computer such as: startup/turn off, reviews various programs, settings and dock area adjustments; how to view folders; and how to use apps such as Mail, Safari, and Calendar.

Smart Phone Basics
Sign up for a one-on-one 30 minute consultation to gain basic knowledge of your cell phone.

Photo Basics Using Your iPhone & iPad 
Learn to capture and share your photos. This demonstration and hands-on class covers: how to use both the front and rear facing camera, editing tools, organizing and storing photos, sending and receiving photos, and popular photo apps.

Internet Basics 
This demonstration style class gives you the basic skills required to: connect to the Internet, surf the web, choose a web browser, download/upload, search engines, evaluate reliability of information found online, and covers Internet safety basics.

Which Computer Should I Buy?
Class provides an overview of favorite features on mobile computers: laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Explore brands and models of specific devices that are popular with older adult users.


All About Tea
Calling all tea lovers. Broaden your knowledge and try samples of various teas. Learn the differences between black, pu-erh, ooling, green, and white teas. Perhaps you’ll find a new favorite just in time for fall.

Healthy French Cuisine
Get cooking tips for French food that is healthy and simple to make at home. Learn about French cuisine and discover how to prepare several easy, healthy and delicious recipes.

Magnificent Mushrooms
Mushrooms are rich in vitamins and minerals and have medicinal properties. Hear about the magnificent health benefits and get tips for cooking with these fun fungi.

Cooking for a Healthy Heart
Learn how easy it is to cut the fat and salt out of your diet by using a variety of ingredients to create delicious “heart healthy” dishes.


Let’s Speak French 
Bonjour! This eight week class is designed to give those who love the French language a fun, relaxed place to practice.

Beginning Italian for Travelers 
Buongiorno! Acquire basic language skills for meeting and greeting, getting directions and transportation info, shopping, and ordering in a restaurant.


Country Line Dance at The MAC and West View
Learn a variety of popular line dances. No partner or experience is needed. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for dancing. This on-going class meets every Monday.

Couples Ballroom Dance
Learn a variety of ballroom dance moves and patterns. No experience necessary. Beginners learn basic steps while 
advanced dancers refine their skills.

Wedding Dance Lessons for the Bride & Groom
Select your wedding song and have a dance instructor teach you the perfect dance to do at your wedding.


Eating for a Healthy Heart
Discover the effects foods have on risk factors for heart disease and get strategies for making dietary changes.

Exercising for a Healthy Heart
Get recommendations on the best types of exercise to promote heart health and plan an individualized exercise program for your current fitness level.

Learn to Relax
Explore strategies for stress management and learn relaxation techniques including visualization, progressive relaxation, and breathing.

Cooking for a Healthy Heart
Learn how easy it is to cut the fat and salt out of your diet by using a variety of ingredients to create delicious “heart healthy” dishes.

Eating with Intention
Research has proven that paying attention to what and how you are eating affects weight loss, digestive issues, high blood pressure and more.

Exercise Your Brain
Physical activity has a big impact on keeping your brain young and your memory sharp. Learn specific exercises you can do to improve your memory and increase problem solving capabilities, all while keeping your body fit.

Reduce Stress with Aromatherapy
Stress can cause emotions that make you feel anxious, nervous and tense. Aromatic essential oils encourage relaxation and relieve stress-induced anxiety. Aromatherapy basics and uses are covered.

Eat an Anti-Aging Diet
There is no fountain of youth, however the amount and specific types of foods consumed may help you live a longer and healthier life. Get tips on the best food choices that promote healthy living.

Aromatherapy Gifts That Pamper
In this hands on workshop, make holiday gifts using aromatic essential oils that indulge the senses and treat the skin.

Workout with Foam Rollers
Foam rollers are a great fitness tool to use to enhance balance, improve strength, increase flexibility, and massage tight muscles.

Tai Chi Chih 
Reach a higher level of well-being with the flowing movements of this mind-body exercise.

Doctor Talks
St. Anthony North-Centura Health in partnership with the City of Westminster shares valuable health information at monthly physician led talks held at The MAC.

Westminster Water Essentials
Trace how Westminster’s water wanders from the Continental Divide and makes its way into your kitchen sink.