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Adult Life & Learning

Lifelong Learning

Adult lifelong learning topics continue to expand with quality instructors and at an affordable price. Pick up a current copy of the Westminster Activity Guide at any Westminster Recreation Center to see the entire schedule of all adult programs and activities. Register online, over the phone or in person.

Early registration is encourage for the following reasons:

  • Class sizes are kept small for optimal learning and many classes fill quickly.
  • Instructors need time to ready supplies and be prepared to teach a quality class.
  • If a class has low enrollment, it may be canceled. Your enrollment could be the one that allows the class to run.

Please call 303-658-2292 for more information on adult lifelong learning opportunities and adult special events.

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The Westminster Recreation Department offers a wide range of educational seminars, classes, and special events for adult learners. Classes are designed to educate, entertain, and enrich the lives of adults in the Westminster community.

Benefits of participation in adult lifelong learning programs:

  • opens the mind and gives new perspectives
  • opportunity to make new friends and establish valuable relationships
  • stay on top of changing technology
  • increases knowledge base on wellness topics
  • feel more connected to the Westminster community


Private Computer or Tablet Tutoring Sessions
Bring your device and questions for a one-hour private session on your own laptop, iPad, Kindle, or Android tablet.

Smart Phone Basics
Sign up for a one-on-one, 30-minute consultation to learn the basic functions of your cell phone. Instructor contacts you directly to arrange your specific appointment time on the date you select. Pre-registration is required. Bring your charged cell phone.

Uber It!
Need a ride? Want food delivered from your local restaurant? Uber is a popular and convenient alternative to taxi service and is expanding services. Learn to hail a driver and discover how to use other Uber services. Bring your device and your Apple ID and password or Google account and password to download the Uber app. 

Cutting the Cord Made Easy 
Stop paying high cable TV bills and choose a service that lets you see more of what you want to watch with no strings attached. Discover a variety of services that best fits your needs and stop paying for packages and channels you never watch. This is a cost savings seminar that you can’t afford to miss! 


Cooking with Rhubarb
It’s a sure sign of spring when the rhubarb comes up! Learn fun and interesting ways to prepare this tart vegetable. Samples and recipes are provided.

Culinary Knife Skills
Food preparation for most meals requires the use of a knife. Learn how to safely and efficiently use your kitchen knives in this hands on class using your own knives and cutting board. All skill levels will benefit from learning and practicing fundamental cuts. Care and storage of kitchen knives is also covered. 

Scrumptious Salads in a Jar
Salads are a quick and easy one-dish meal for summertime. Salads prepared in a Mason jar become a meal that you can grab on the go for a quick lunch or picnic. Learn techniques for making a variety of salads in a jar. Samples and recipes are provided. 

Frozen Food Hacks
The frozen food section of your grocery store is packed with choices, many of which are not very healthy for us. Get shopping advice and some tasty ideas for making quick and healthy meals using frozen foods. Samples and recipes provided. 


Beginning Italian for Travelers
Buongiorno! Acquire basic language skills for meeting and greeting, getting directions and transportation info, shopping, and ordering in a restaurant. Past tenses and grammatical constructions are taught. Learn about Italy’s regions and practice speaking in a relaxed environment. Handouts provided. Instructor is a native Italian speaker with more than a decade of experience in teaching the language. 

Italian Grammar
Designed for students who have taken the Beginning Italian class, this course explores more in depth grammatical constructions, and helps build the foundation to become more versed in Italian. Conversations, verb conjugations, use of adjectives and pronouns, and an introduction to prepositions are covered. 


Westminster Ukulele Community
The Westminster Uke Community is open to ukulele players of all skill levels. Beginner to advanced ukulele players are invited to play songs together and learn from each other. Bring your ukulele, paper copies of songs that you would like the group to play, and a music stand and tuner if you have one. Ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. No registration necessary. 
Tuesdays, May 21, Jun 18, Jul 16, Aug 20; 6:30-8 p.m.; FREE; Swim & Fitness Center Community Room

Ukulele 1
Class is designed to get beginners started on the ukulele. Study posture, technique, learn chords, and some simple finger-picking patterns. Bring a ukulele, pencil, folder for handouts, and a music stand. Soprano ukulele is preferred. Age 12 and over. 

Ukulele 2
This class is appropriate for those who have some experience playing chords and picking patterns. Class covers the 12-bar blues and how to play solos. By the end of the session, you’ll be playing jazz and songs that require complex chord relationships. Bring a ukulele, pencil, folder for handouts, and a music stand. Age 12 and over.

Ukulele 3
Learn even more songs and techniques in this advanced session. Extended techniques, ensemble-style music, and connecting chords/tablature to standard notation is covered. Bring a ukulele, ukulele capo, pencil, folder for handouts, and a music stand. Age 12 and over. 

Guitar 1
Class is designed to get beginners started on the guitar. Study posture, technique, learn chords and some simple finger-picking patterns. Bring a guitar, picks, pencil, folder for handouts, and a music stand. Age 14 and over. 

Guitar 2
This class is appropriate for those who have some experience playing chords and picking patterns. Class covers the 12-bar blues and how to play solos. By the end of the session, you’ll be playing jazz and songs that require complex chord relationships. Bring a guitar, picks, pencil, folder for handouts, and a music stand. Age 14 and over.

Guitar 3
Learn even more songs and techniques in this advanced session which covers extended techniques, ensemble-style music, and connecting chords/tablature to standard notation. Bring a guitar, picks, pencil, folder for handouts, and a music stand. Age 14 and over. 

Country Line Dance at The MAC and West View
Learn a variety of popular line dances. No partner or experience is needed. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for dancing. This on-going class meets every Monday. This on-going class meets every Monday and is free with any Westminster annual facility pass or SilverSneakers® membership. Daily facility drop-in fee applies to all others. Line Dance is not held on Jan. 21 and Feb. 18. Class not held April 22 at The MAC.

Wedding Dance Lessons 
Select your wedding song and have a dance instructor teach you the perfect dance to do at your wedding.


Functional Fitness Sessions
If you’re interested in feeling healthier and more vital, Functional Fitness Sessions are for you. Enhance your ability to perform activities of daily living by improving balance, flexibility, and mobility; reducing the risk of falls; maintaining bone density; and growing stronger. One-on-one sessions are held at The MAC with Laura Brieser-Smith, Certified Exercise Physiologist. Age 55 and better. Call The MAC at 303-426-4310 to schedule your session. Fee: $39 per 1 hour session; $110 for three sessions.

Trekking Poles
Trekking poles are great for providing a little extra stability when hiking or walking outdoors. They can also increase your cardiovascular workout. Learn how to properly adjust your trekking poles and gain techniques for getting the most benefit when using them. 

Keep Your Knees Healthy
Healthy knees are vital for bending and straightening your legs. Learn how the knee joint works, exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the legs and hips, and discover nutrients to take to keep your knees healthy. 

Interval Training for Weight Loss and Health
Interval training revs up your metabolism and improves your heart and lung health. Learn how to incorporate periods of high and low intensity into various types of cardiovascular exercise. Wear comfortable clothing for doing exercise. 

Fitness for Caregivers
Caring for someone with health problems or physical disabilities can be hard physical work. Learn techniques for strengthening your own body so that you can safely and effectively assist someone else with their daily activities. 


Health and Wellness Coaching
Put yourself on the road to better health. Schedule a one-hour session with a health professional to gain knowledge and develop strategies to make lasting behavioral changes. Topics addressed may include: nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and sleep. 

Best Foods for Brain Health
The fountain of youth for your brain could very well be in your refrigerator. Learn which foods and nutrients your brain needs to stay sharp. 

Ketogenic Diet Facts
The Ketogenic diet is touted as being beneficial for weight loss and diabetes control. While the human body is designed to be in a state of ketosis, is this an optimal eating pattern to follow? Discover if the “keto” diet is right for you. 

Reboot Your Health
Get motivated to radically reboot your health today to maximize your quality of life tomorrow. Healthy aging scientist, Rachael Van Pelt, shares with you things the medical system doesn’t have time to teach you. Get ready to protect your nest-egg by staying disease free, off medications, and out of the hospital long-term. 

Snacking for Better Health
When hunger strikes, you want a snack! Snacking can be an important part of a nutritious diet, however, it may not be the best habit for everyone. Hear the pro’s and con’s of snacking, and learn how to make quick and healthy snack choices. 

The Skinny on Fats
With current research showing that fat is not something we need to avoid, discover which the best fat to eat is. Learn about different types of fats and the positive and negative effects they have on our health. 

Concerned About Caffeine?
For many people, it’s not a good morning without a cup of coffee or tea to get them going. Could caffeine be harming your health? Learn the positive and negative health effects of caffeine and what is considered to be a healthy intake. 

Making Sense of Soy
There is much controversy about soy right now. Is it good for the heart? Does it promote cancer or prevent it? Get answers to these questions, learn how much soy to include in your diet, and discover good food sources for soy. 

The Latest on Collagen
Collagen is our body’s most abundant protein. Some research studies show that collagen may improve bone and joint health, and skin, hair and nail quality. Learn more about what collagen is and whether these benefits are true of just the latest fad. 

Free Blood Pressure Checks
Meet a member of the Westminster Fire Department and have your blood pressure checked for free. First come, first served. 

Lung Function Testing
Find out how well you are breathing. Take a simple test to measure how much and how fast you can move air into and out of your lungs. Reservations are required. Call The MAC at 303-426-4310 to reserve your 10-minute appointment time.

Visiting Nurse Association Health Clinics
Medical foot care by a registered nurse is offered the first Tuesday and fourth Friday of each month at The MAC. Call 303-698-6496 to schedule, confirm a Kaiser insurance plan, or cancel an appointment. Fees vary depending on service.