Dance Mission Statement

  • Foster self-esteem, discipline, creativity and confidence 
  • Demonstrate a healthy lifestyle 
  • Define a role on a team and how to be a leader 
  • Allow every participant the opportunity to shine!


Meet the instructors

RECREATION DANCE - class offerings

Ballet is the backbone of all dance styles. Explore basic movements across the floor, at the barre, and center floor performances. Ages: 3-18

Combine ballet techniques with the rhythm, creativity, and power of jazz. Ages: 4-7. 

Baton Twirling is a fun, active and different way to promote fitness, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, poise and self-confidence. We offer Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced classes. Placement in Intermediate/Advanced by instructor approval. Ages 5-19.

Dance Party
 Bring the dance floor to your door with Dance Party! Your kids will have a BLAST as they stretch, learn technique, work on a dance, and never stop moving and grooving to their favorite tunes!

Hip Hop
A high energy class focused on rhythm, coordination, control and balance set to exciting, upbeat music. Great for learning technique while allowing for freedom of expression. Ages: 3-6

Explore the creative and physical dimensions of music through activities designed to develop strength, coordination, and creative expression. Ages: 3-12.

Joy of Motion
Through developmentally appropriate creative movement, children develop coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and spatial awareness. The goal of this class is for each child to find their own pleasure through music and movement, while developing fine and gross motor skills. Ages: 3-6.


The Westminster Dance Company is not operating at this time.