Dance Mission Statement


  • To foster self-esteem, discipline, creativity, and confidence 
  • To demonstrate a healthy lifestyle 
  • To define a role on a team and how to be a leader 
  • Allow every participant the opportunity to shine!!


NEW for 2018!

Creative Dance

Explore both the creative and physical dimensions of each child as they gain awareness of music, rhythm and movement. Activities are designed to develop strength, coordination, creative thinking and expression. Through classroom activities, children refine motor skills and develop the creative process through the use of props and imagery. Ages: 4-6.

Joy of Motion

Through developmentally appropriate creative movement, children develop coordination, balance, flexibility, strength and spatial awareness. The goal of this class is for each child to find their own pleasure through music and movement, while developing fine gross motor skills. Ages: 3-6.

Pop Culture Dance

Want to dance to your favorite songs? This class covers dance from today’s popular artists and choreographers in styles like jazz funk, hip-hop and lyrical. Ages: 7-10.

RECREATION DANCE - class offerings

All styles of dance are based upon ballet technique.  Explore basic movements across the floor, at the barre, and center floor performances. Ages: 3-18. 

Techniques and terminology are learned and combinations are practiced in both forms of dance. Ages: 3-6. 

5,6,7,8! Be prepared to learn. Techniques and terminology are learned and combinations practiced in both forms of dance. Ages: 4-7. 

Baton Beginning
Twirl one and two batons, ribbons, flags, and hoop batons.  Twirling is fun, active, and different, while promoting fitness, flexibility, hand eye coordination, poise, and self-confidence. Ages: 6-11. 

Baton Intermediate
Learn more challenging material with one and two hoop batons, ribbons, flags, pairs, and team routines.  Increase your fitness, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, poise, and self-confidence. Ages: 7-19.

Baton Advanced
Practice challenging material with multiple batons and compete in local twirling competitions.  Continue to increase your fitness, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, poise, and self-confidence. Ages: 7-19.

Boys Hip Hop
Perform funky dance moves to the latest tunes and combinations of break dancing and hip hop. Ages: 6-14. 

Jazz/Hip Hop
Become skilled in the basic fundamentals of jazz and hip hop in this introductory class. Ages: 3-18.

Combine jazz and ballet techniques to tell a story to music lyrics.  Whether this is your first dance class, or one of many, come enjoy the many benefits of dance. Ages: 6-18.

The artistic world of dance is introduced through creative movement. Dancers practice ballet positions and learn basic dance terminology.  This is a great way to get your child active and moving. Ages: 2-3. 

Explore the basic fundamentals of rhythm and tap dance through shuffles, flap and much more. Ages: 4-18.     

Meet the Instructors

competitive dance program - Westminster Dance Company

The Westminster Dance Company is a year-round competitive dance program. Participants must have an instructor recommendation or audition with a dance company director. Contact Cindy McDonald at 303-658-2219 regarding fees.

  • This is a 9-month competitive program where you will be given the opportunity to perform at shows and competitions up to eight times a season. One recreation dance class must also be taken. Ages: 4-18. 

Elite Company 

This team is more involved than Company and develops additional dances to perform at competition. Each participant will be in two classes. Great memories will be made. Ages: 4-18 

Jessica Ridgeway Cheerleading Camp

Experience five days of cheer, crafts, light gymnastics, pom-pom activities, and performances from other dance teams including the Denver Bronco cheerleaders! Families are welcome to attend the final performance on March 30 at 11:30 p.m. Includes t-shirt, pompoms, bag, and water bottle. If you don’t need new purple and silver pompoms, receive $5 off your fee. $35 for Residents/ $42 non-residents.

March 26 - 30, 9 a.m. to noon

West View Recreation Center 

Coming Summer 2018

Westminster Theater Company
Jessica Cheerleading Camp
Dance Camp