Keep your mind sharp year round with a variety of enrichment courses. These courses are designed to help your child expand their learning and explore new skills.

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Babysitting Bootcamp
Become the best sitter in your neighborhood! You’ll be certified in Infant/Child CPR and learn health, safety, emergency skills, basic first aid, bathing, toy and home safety, and common illnesses. Refine your leadership skills and résumé for your babysitting business. Bring a sack lunch.   Ages:  11-18

Babysitting CPR Challenge
Has your Infant/Child CPR certification expired?  Renew your certification in this course.  Ages: 11-18 years

Chess-Beg Learn the basics of chess while reinforcing good sportsmanship. You will be introduced in the setup, moves, illegal moves, end game and more. "Hands-on" play reinforces lessons learned. Ages: 6-16

Review the basics, reinforce good habits, and practice good sportsmanship. Learn special moves and expand on the end game with emphasis on advanced chess scenarios. "Hands-on" play reinforces lessons learned.  Prerequisite: Must know how all the pieces move, how to facilitate checkmate, and be able to observe and focus while peers are playing.  Ages: 8-19.

Virtual LEGO Engineering Classes

  • STEM: Play-Well classes are going virtual! Tap into your imagination from the comfort of your own home with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor and simple pieces from your own LEGO® collection - all while connecting virtually with your friends and classmates! Students will explore their creative boundaries, learn new building techniques, and connect their projects to practical real-world STEM concepts, all with a focus on open-ended builds that do not require special LEGO® pieces.
  • ​​Pokémon: Play-Well programs are going virtual! Join Ash and Pikachu to build, capture and train Pokémon from the comfort of your own home with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor and simple pieces from your own LEGO collection - all while connecting virtually with other young Pokémon enthusiasts! Students will learn new building techniques and explore engineering principles with LEGO materials while they construct their favorite Pokémon creations, all with a focus on open-ended builds that do not require special LEGO pieces.
  • Minecraft: Bring the world of Minecraft to life as Play-Well classes go virtual! Build engineer-designed projects and learn new building techniques over Zoom with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor. Encounter practical real-world STEM concepts while learning from and connecting virtually with other young Minecraft enthusiasts, and be sure to watch out for Creepers! With the specialized kit of LEGO® materials that is included in the cost of the program, kids will have everything they need to take their LEGO® building at home to the next level.

Read With Ease 
This class develops and strengthens reading skills using phonemic awareness and decoding strategies. Lessons include literature, reader's theater activities, and games. Individualized curriculum will be provided and instructors are available to assist with homework in the subject areas of reading, writing, spelling, and social studies. If you have an individualized school assessment please share with our instructors.

  • Level 1-Beginning Readers focus on identifying letters, sounds, sight word vocabulary, and reading with controlled vocabulary. Ages: 5-13
  • Level 2- Developing readers of all grades and skill levels learn reading strategies. Pre-requisite: Students must read and comprehend short stories and have Level 1 skills mastered. Ages: 5-13   

Please Note

Our instructors are not legally delegated to administer emergency or regularly scheduled medications during these classes. If your child has an allergy or medical issue that requires medication we ask that you please remain on site during their class time. We will make every attempt to accommodate allergy restrictions/dietary issues. Please notify us of these needs upon registration.