Preschool Parent Manual

Please call 303-658-2215 to inquire about any current openings for the current 2021-22 school year. We will accept registrations for any class openings through February 11, 2022.

2022-23 Preschool Registration Information

Students who are currently enrolled in a winter/spring 2022 Wee Toddlers or Early Explorers class and Tiny Tots students are eligible for priority registration beginning at the opening of business on Monday, March 7. Registration will begin on Monday, March 28 for Westminster residents and Monday, April 4 for non-residents. All registrations are first-come, first-served and phone in or in-person registrations will be accepted.

Safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Rest assured that we will follow all public health mandates and guidelines to mitigate the risks posed by COVID-19. To that end, here are the safety protocols we will follow:

  • COVID screening and temperatures will be taken for all staff and children before they enter the building.
  • Students will be with the same group of children with the same two leaders throughout each week. The only exception to this is if we have a new student starting and/or a substitute instructor. We will follow the same health screen protocols for new students and substitute staff.
  • At this time, we are unable to permit parents to wait in the recreation facilities while children are participating in class. 
  • 6-foot distancing will be encouraged between students and staff and implemented in learning environments where possible. Since this will not always be possible, face masks will be required for all staff and students while in the building and classroom. 
  • Students may be without a face mask during recess, snack time and/or if needed for a particular learning activity. 
  • Instructor staff will be required to wear a face mask at all times unless a particular verbal teaching activity or moment requires them to temporarily remove the face mask.
  • State child care guidelines on the handling of sick children and staff will be strictly followed and is outlined in our parent manual. Sick children will be isolated and required to be picked up within an hour of parental notification. Protocol for a case or outbreak of COVID-19 will follow guidance from Jefferson, Tri-County Health departments and our licensed nurse, which may include following quarantine guidelines.
  • Regular hand-washing practices will be in place throughout the day, along with the use of hand sanitizer if a child cannot wash their hands in that moment.  
  • Instructor staff will clean the classroom and equipment throughout the day and at the end of each day.

With social distancing guidelines when possible, students will rotate through a variety of activities over the course of a day, including social and enrichment activities designed around age appropriate science, math, writing and arts and crafts.  In addition, students may participate in walking field trips around our building grounds when possible.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Matt Hess at 303-658-2215 or email at

We hope you are safe and healthy during these challenging times. Thank you for your patience as we navigate this new normal.

Preschool Program Goals and Objectives

  • Provide a positive, fun, safe, accepting and caring environment. 
  • Provide a high-quality program with a balanced, progressing curriculum that allows each child to grow and develop. 
  • Provide positive discipline techniques and help children develop their positive problem-solving skills. 
  • Encourage and build self-confidence and self-esteem through a variety of learning activities, and to make and develop friendships. 
  • Contribute to the development, physical growth, creativity, self-concept, social awareness and intellectual curiosity in children.

State of Colorado Licensed Program 

Kinder Kids and Tiny Tots age requirements are based on the age as of Oct. 1, 2022. The Kinder Kids and Tiny Tots programs are State licensed as small and large child care programs. Parents will receive a Parent Manual starting in mid-July 2022. Please call 303-658-2222 if you do not receive a Parent Manual within three days of registration after July 25, 2022. 

Kinder Kids and Tiny Tot program participants must submit the following to be kept on file in order to participate: 

  • Emergency card (due immediately)
  • Immunization record (due immediately) 
  • Medical release from physician stating child is in good medical condition (due immediately)

Please return all forms to the instructor at the parent meeting (preferred) or on the first day of class. All forms are considered current for the school calendar year, September 2022 to May 2023. Please look at our current activity guide for a list of classes, dates and fees. If you have questions, please call 303-658-2215 or 303-658-2222. The monthly payments must be made by the second day of each month (October 2022 to April 2023) after the school year begins to maintain your child’s spot, or their space is forfeited. 

Parents, please note

  • Our preschool curriculum is aligned with the State of Colorado Early Learning Development Guidelines, which includes indicators that describe learning goals in the areas of mathematics, science, creative arts expression, physical development and literacy. Additional information can be found at

  • If your child is exhibiting any symptoms of an illness, please be considerate by keeping your child at home. Consult your physician to determine if your child is contagious and when they should return. 

  • Children not toilet trained must have a parent available at all times to tend to them if needed. 

  • Some activities may have holiday themes. Please notify instructors of any holiday theme objections. Missed classes are not refunded.

Kinder Kids (4-5 years)

Children must be 4 years by Oct. 1, 2022 and planning to attend kindergarten in August 2023.
This continuous school-year program prepares your child for kindergarten while focusing on the “learning is fun” philosophy. Class emphasizes social, emotional, and cognitive development along with the State of Colorado Early Learning Development Guidelines (ELDG’s). Parent meetings are scheduled for each class Aug. 8-26. Please call 303-658-2222 or 303-658-2215 for your specific parent meeting. Children must be toilet trained or a parent/guardian must remain within 15 minutes from class at all times.

Tiny Tots (3-4 years)

Children must be 3 years by Oct. 1, 2022. This great beginning program prepares your child for Kinder Kids. Class develops social, emotional, cognitive and fine motor skills in line with the State of Colorado Early Learning Development Guidelines (ELDG’s). Parent meetings are scheduled for each class Aug. 8-26. Please call 303-658-2222 or 303-658-2215 for your specific parent meeting. Children must be toilet trained or a parent/guardian must remain within 15 minutes from class at all times.