If your summons is marked as "Payable" or "Eligible for Early Payment" you may resolve your case and make your payment online or by phone. By doing so, you will be accepting a plea agreement. Your summons will note the number of points to be assessed against your license. Fines will also be assessed and additional court costs and processing fees will apply. Restitution will be reserved for 91 days in every case. If you cannot pay your balance in full, you may set up a payment plan.

When you resolve your ticket online or by phone you will be accepting a plea agreement. This means that your original charge will be dismissed, restitution will be reserved for 91 days, and you will be waiving the rights outlined here. If your summons notes that you will receive a point reduction, a lesser charge will be reported to the DMV as follows:

If points are reduced to:

  • 4 points – Disobeyed Stop Sign (Model Traffic Code section 703)
  • 2 points – Drove a Defective or Unsafe Vehicle (Model Traffic Code section 202(1))
  • 1 point – Defective Headlight (Model Traffic Code section 205)
  • 0 points – Seatbelt Required (Model Traffic Code section 237(2))

You do not need to accept a plea agreement or resolve your ticket online or by phone. You have the right to be represented and to contest your ticket at a court or jury trial as applicable.