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About the Organization

Police Administration Division

Chief of Police, Tim CarlsonPolice Administration is managed by the Chief of Police, Tim Carlson, who directly supervises two Deputy Chiefs, the Senior Management Analyst and the Administrative Coordinator. This division is responsible for the overall policy, direction and coordination of the police department's functions. This division handles a variety of key activities: budget coordination, planning and oversight, goals and objectives, crime analysis, department statistical reports and activity analysis, reports to City Council, performance measurements, special research projects, and overall direction and evaluation of police services in the community.

The Police Department has a total of 184 sworn officers and 81.6 non-sworn employees. The department's total budget for 2018 is $25,040,505.

The Senior Management Analyst is responsible for a variety of management level studies, research, crime analysis and statistics, performance measurement and reporting, cost allocation studies and other projects and tasks as assigned.

The Administrative Coordinator provides administrative coordination of department activities and related troubleshooting functions, budget planning, monitoring and involvement with reports to City Council, special projects and information technology coordination and liaison.

Patrol Services Division

Deputy Chief Todd ReevesThe Patrol Services Division is managed by Deputy Chief Todd Reeves and is comprised of four sections: Administration, Patrol, Traffic and Specialized Services.

Each section is supervised by Commanders who report directly to the Deputy Chief. The division Secretary and S.W.A.T. Team Commander also report to this Deputy Chief. There are also several specialized units and programs within this division, which take an active part in the enforcement of laws, safety, education, and protection of the community.

Administrative Section
This section is responsible for the overall management and direction of the patrol, traffic, SWAT Team, and the division's budget oversight; division policies and procedures; staffing; division goals and objectives; special projects, and the overall direction and evaluation of the division's services.  

Patrol Section
This division is responsible for the initial and immediate response to various types of calls from citizens. It is comprised of four shifts (Watches 1, 2, 3 and 4) each supervised by a Watch Commander, as well as several specialized units that provide a wide variety of professional law enforcement services to the community. Geographic "beat" assignments are covered by the four shifts on a continuous basis in order to respond to requests from citizens for help and assistance; general patrol activities; and community safety.  

Traffic Section
The traffic section is supervised by a commander and two sergeants. The traffic officers and accident investigators have a primary responsibility of enforcement of traffic regulations, traffic control, traffic accident investigation, traffic safety education.

Special Operations Section
The special operations section is supervised by a commander and is responsible for:

  • Coordination of extra duty and off duty employment with the officers and community.
  • Oversight and coordination of the division's vehicles and equipment.
  • Schedule coordination for the patrol section
  • Specialized Units and Programs
  • Bicycle Patrol Unit
  • Field Training Instructor Program
  • K9 Unit 
  • Parks and Recreation Officers
  • Report Specialists
  • SET (Special Enforcement Team) Unit
  • School Resource Officers
  • SWAT Team

Special Services Division

Deputy Chief Kim BarronThis division is managed by Deputy Chief Kim Barron and is comprised of five sections:

Investigations, Professional Services, Police Records and Property, Communications and Neighborhood Services

Each section is supervised by a commander or administrator who reports directly to the deputy chief of this Division.



Investigations Section

The Investigations Section is led by a commander and three sergeants and includes:

  • Miscellaneous Crimes Unit
  • Person/Property/Domestic Violence Unit
  • Crimes Against Children/Sex Crimes Unit
  • Vice/Narcotics Unit
  • Crime Lab
  • Property Evidence
  • Court Marshals
  • Sex Offender Registration
  • Victim Services
  • Liquor Enforcement 
  • Senior Liaison Officer

The Investigations Section is responsible for the coordination of intelligence information and investigation of matters requiring undercover or special operations, and acts as an informal liaison between criminal justice agencies.  

Crimes Against Persons and Crimes Against Property Units
Responsible for follow up on cases that involve adult and juvenile offenders of crimes against persons and/or property, arrests violators, recovers property, gathers and disseminates intelligence information, assists and trains police officers in investigation techniques, and provides investigative support to the Patrol Division.

Vice/Narcotics Unit
Handles cases involving criminal activity that involves the sale, possession, manufacture and/or distribution of narcotics as well as reported vice activities. The Vice/Narcotics personnel are assigned to the North Metro Drug Task Force under an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) with other Adams County Law Enforcement agencies.

Crime Lab provides criminalist services to members of the police department to include crime scene processing, examination of evidence and reports of findings.

Property/Evidence personnel maintain and ensure proper handling, storage and safekeeping of evidence and found property.

Court Marshals are responsible for tracking inmates in the various county jails, prisoner extraditions, apprehension of wanted persons, prisoner transports, and maintenance of the jail and jail supplies. Court Marshals also distribute subpoenas and return receipts to the various courts.

Sex Offender Registration Detectives are responsible for maintaining registration information on all known sex offenders and parolees residing within the City of Westminster. The detective must also register special offenders who reside within the jurisdiction of Westminster or who have been assigned to a treatment facility within Westminster. This position is also responsible for conducting periodic residential verifications and employment confirmations regarding registered sex offenders.

Victim Services Unit
The Victim Services Unit is supervised by the Victim Services Coordinator and provides information, support and referral services to the victims of crime, in compliance with state law concerning Victim Rights. This unit is assisted by numerous volunteers.

Obtaining Police Reports:
Colorado State Law allows for victims of crimes covered under the Victims' Right Amendment to receive a copy of the initial police report for free. Victims must contact the Records Division at 303-658-4380 to see if the report they are requesting is available for release. Under State Law, not all police reports are able to be released.  

Liquor Enforcement
The Liquor Enforcement Investigator is responsible for conducting background and other investigations to ensure that liquor licensed establishments within the city are in compliance with local and state liquor laws.

Senior Liaison Officer
This position is responsible for the implementation and coordination of a variety of specific crime prevention and public information programs that are designed for the senior population, and the investigation of crimes where members of the senior population are the targeted victims. This position also performs other tasks as assigned.

Professional Services Section

The Professional Services Section encompasses: Professional Standards Unit (Internal Affairs), Public Information Unit, and the Training Coordinator. It is supervised by a commander and Sergeant as the department liaison to civic organizations. 

Professional Standards Unit
This section is supervised by a sergeant and is responsible for employee background investigations and investigating allegations of misconduct against department members.

Public Information Unit
Provides a wide variety of public information services to the community including media relations, crime prevention programs and public educational programs.

Training Coordinator
The Training Coordinator is responsible for coordinating and maintaining all departmental police training and hosting classes for other metro area trainings.

Police Records Unit
The Records Unit is supervised by the Records Supervisor. This unit files and maintains police records, makes computer entries, answers citizen calls, and greets citizens at the front counter.

Communications Unit
The Communications Unit is supervised by a public safety communications administrator and facilitates the coordination of critical services to the community, receives calls for assistance, forwards citizen complaints, provides emergency medical dispatching and dispatches emergency units including police, fire and ambulance services.

Neighborhood Services Section

Neighborhood Services is two units comprised entirely of civilian personnel and supervised by a commander, who is also responsible for the Public Safety Center's Maintenance.

Code Enforcement Unit
Enforces the city codes in the area of licensing, public ways and property, vehicles and nuisance abatement.

Animal Management Unit
Animal Management educates citizens in the responsibilities of pet ownership through enforcement.

Community Services Coordinator
The Community Services Coordinator sets up and coordinates all individuals that receive community service through the Westminster Municipal courts.  Duties also include documentation and removal of graffiti on city and public property.