Victim Services Unit
The Victim Services Unit is supervised by the Victim Services Coordinator and provides information, support and referral services to the victims of crime, in compliance with state law concerning Victim Rights. This unit is assisted by numerous volunteers.

Victim Services Mission
To ensure that victims of crime and personal tragedy are treated justly with compassion and dignity.

Victim Services Vision
To provide appropriate, quality services to victims of crime and personal tragedy within the City of Westminster with integrity and unbiased compassion in accordance with the state constitutional amendment.

Crime Victim Compensation
Victim Compensation is a monetary fund distributed by the Crime Victim Compensation Board in each Judicial District. Funds awarded can help with the replacement of doors, locks or windows that were damaged during a criminal incident; medical expenses related to the criminal incident, or mental health counseling needed as a result of a criminal incident. To apply for Victim Compensation, the following criteria must be met:

  • The crime must be reported to a law enforcement agency within 72 hours of the incident.
  • The victim must be cooperative with the investigation of the crime
  • The victim must not have been engaged in the commission of a crime at the time of their victimization.

Victim Compensation is an application process and awards cannot be guaranteed. To receive an application or for further questions, please contact Victim Services at 303-658-4210.

Victims’ Rights
Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 24, Article 4.1 guarantees certain rights to victims of several crimes. The following link provides a list of which crimes are included and describes the  rights and protections the victims of those crimes are entitled to Victim's Rights.

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Westminster Municipal Court Information for Victims of Domestic Violence


Información de la corte municipal de Westminster para víctimas de violencia doméstica



303-658-4210 (general info) / 303-658-2265 (courts)