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Resident Resources & Rebates

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A variety of assistance options exist for residents on many sustainability issues. In each section, there are links to programs that provide information on the topic areas, simplify the adoption of actions, and in some cases, offer rebates and financing.  

Energy Efficiency

Save money and increase the comfort of your home through the joining programs available to Westminster residents.

Renewable Energy

Save money and use renewable power through the following opportunities to install, subscribe, and get solar and wind energy

  • Solar United Neighbors (SUN) Westminster Solar Co-op: Receive discounted pricing on solar through group purchasing and assistance. Sign up soon as registration closes May 1, 2021
  • Xcel Energy – Renewable Energy Options – Residential: subscribe to renewable energy options 
  • United Power – Green Power Partners:  purchase clean, renewable electric power through United Power’s Green Power Partners program
  • EnergySageget competing solar quotes
  • Colorado Residential Energy Upgrade Loan: access low cost, long-term financing for renewable energy improvements
  • Westminster Solar Map: find out where solar is installed and permits are active
  • Community Solar Gardens: go solar without installing panels on your roof. By subscribing to a portion of the energy produced in a community solar garden, you do not the need to invest in solar panels for home use. Your utility continues delivering your energy, and you become part of the solar community, receiving solar credits on your electricity bill. It’s that easy. Learn about and subscribe to Westminster's Solar Gardens: Sun Share and Jack's Solar Garden


    • Switch to LED light bulbs and ENERGYSTAR certified appliances and equipment 
    • Conduct an energy audit on your home to find areas to save energy. Xcel Home Energy Audit
    • Set your thermostat to 68 degrees in the winter and 72 degrees in the summer.

    Learn about the issues and how you can reduce waste generation in your home. 

    Tip: What can you do right now?

    • Use cloth grocery bags when shopping.
    • Purchase a reusable water bottle.
    • Donate used items to Goodwill, ARC or another thrift store

    Westminster's water resources are irreplaceable and must be conserved. Learn what you can do to help out.

    Tip: What can you do right now?

    • Install low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators.
    • Set your irrigation system timer to the recommended level for our climate.
    • Don’t dump materials into the storm drains

    Westminster residents have many options for getting around. The links below contain information on those options.

    Tip: What can you do right now?

    • Take the train or Flatiron Flyer downtown to avoid driving hassles and parking challenges.
    • Combine multiple errands into one vehicle trip.
    • Buy the most efficient vehicle for the desired use.

    Westminster is know metro-wide for its parks and open spaces. Find out more by clicking on the following links.

    A sustainable city has a healthy, sound environment. Residents can help ensure that the environment stays healthy.

    Tip: What can you do right now?

    • If you see a spill of unknown material or containers of unknown liquid, call the city at 303-658-4360.
    • Convert your lawn and garden equipment from gas to electric-powered to help air quality.
    • Properly dispose of your old electronic devices rather than throwing them in the trash

    A vibrant, resilient community is a foundational part of sustainability. Westminster has a number of activities to assist residents and neighborhoods. 

    Tip: What can you do right now?

    • Show your Westy spirit by participating in community events.
    • Volunteer for a neighborhood clean-up.
    • Visit a local farmers market or food hub