Sustainability Brand LogoThe Sustainability Office works to provide core services for residents and businesses. Our services aim to improve the livability of neighborhoods and homes, create vibrant economies, and improve environmental health. This is an aspirational vision for the city and it will take many partners working together to accomplish it. 

The Sustainability Office strives to:

  • Build a system of intentional support for residents, businesses and the environment that mitigates risks and proactively seeks out ways to ensure the community not only endures, but thrives.
  • Foster equitable opportunities that help residents feel at home and connected in their community and empowered to live their best lives.
  • Help the City responsibly manage all of the resources entrusted to our care to meet the needs of today without sacrificing the ability to meet the needs of the future.



The Sustainability Office works with many local, regional, and state organizations and agencies. Through these partnerships we enhance and sustain our relationships with neighboring governments and community-based partners, leveraging our collective resources for maximum impact and benefit to Westminster. Here's a few of our partners:

Sustainability Team

The Sustainability Office leads an internal team comprised of staff from multiple divisions that identifies sustainability related issues and opportunities throughout the City organization and creates and champions solutions through policies, programs, financing, and organizational systems.


  • Brendan Close; Parks, Recreation and Libraries
  • Matthew Burman; Parks, Recreation and Libraries
  • Joe Reale; Parks, Recreation and Libraries
  • Shalene Hiller; Parks, Recreation and Libraries
  • Quint Friesell, Fire
  • Tammy Thompson, Human Resources
  • Julie Koehler, Public Works & Utilities
  • Amy Johnson, Community Development
  • Anjelica McMahon, General Services
  • Ricky Bennett, Information Technology
  • Nina Vue, Finance/Accounting 
  • Paul Schmiechen, City Manager's Office
  • Bridger Tomlin, City Manager's Office (Chair/Team Manager) 

Contact Us 

Paul Schmiechen Paul Headhot
Chief Sustainability Officer





Bridger Tomlin 
Sustainability Associate
303-658- 2662