Environmental Advisory Board

A citizens advisory board provides suggestions and feedback to the city on environmental issues. Learn more about the Environmental Advisory Board. 

Ellen Buckley (Chair)
Donald Fiddes (Vice Chair)
Chris Stimpson (Secretary)
Caitlyn Stafford (Alternate)
Linda Allison
Carol Campbell
Edwin Cook
Mark Moreno

Council Liaison: Anita Seitz

Staff Liaison: Paul Schmiechen

Sustainability Team

An internal sustainability team comprised of staff from multiple divisions helps guide and implement sustainability work throughout the city.

Stephanie Ashmann, Community Development
Brendan Close; Parks, Recreation and Libraries
Quint Friesell, Fire
Jenni Grafton, Economic Development
Norm Haubert, Police
Shalene Hiller; Parks, Recreation and Libraries
Julie Koehler, Public Works
Nathan Lawrence, Community Development
Anjelica McMahon, General Services
Joe Milliken, Information Technology
Tom Ochtera, General Services
Blake Ramsey; Parks, Recreation and Libraries
Megan Reilly, Parks, Recreation and Libraries
Paul Schmiechen, City Manager's Office

Contact Us:

Paul Schmiechen
Chief Sustainability Officer