Certify your business!

Being a SAGE Certified Sustainable Business demonstrates your commitment to benefiting the environment and the Westminster community to your customers and employees. Earn recognition for completing sustainable best-practices. In doing so, you'll cut costs, conserve resources, educate employees and reduce waste.

To begin the process of certification, register on the Green Business Tracker (GBT) portal where you'll work through a best-practice checklist and complete measures that count towards certification.

Green Business Tracker (GBT)

To get certified, follow the steps below or described in the SAGE Certification Overview.

Certification Benefits

Upon certification, your business will be promoted by the city through:

  • Social media announcements on City and Westminster Chamber channels (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Recognition and profiles in city newsletters and publications
  • Inclusion in SAGE marketing media: videos, publications and reports
  • Placement on the SAGE Certified business directory and map 

Your business will also receive the following SAGE Certified business materials: 

  • Window decals of SAGE Certified Logo
  • A certificate displaying your sustainability accomplishments
  • Logo files for use on your website, social media accounts and virtual content

Use of the SAGE Self-Marketing Toolkit to communicate and promote your sustainability achievements.

Self-Marketing Toolkit

Networking: By becoming a SAGE Certified business, you'll be invited to SAGE-hosted networking opportunities and meetups to grow collaboration and relationships between this cohort of businesses committed to sustainable operations. 

How to get certified

Download and follow the SAGE Certification overview for step-by-step instructions and an overview. 

Checklist Assessment

Register your business on Green Business Tracker (GBT) and access your business sector specific checklist. Work through the checklist and indicate each measure with the following:

  • "Yes" if you have already implemented the measure
  • "No" if you have not implemented the measure yet
  • "N/A" if the measure is not applicable to your business or operations 

After determining what your business has already completed, implement the remaining measures you need to become certified. To receive certification, your business must complete:

  • All "core" measures in the General, Energy, Waste, Transportation, and Water categories
  • Any single measure in the Community category
  • Any three "elective" measures in any category of your choosing

SAGE advisors are here to help and can provide resources, advice and assistance in completing the measures you need to become certified. 

To verify your certification, a site visit, either in-person or through a virtual meeting, will be conducted by a SAGE advisor. This process confirms fulfillment of certification measures. See the SAGE Certification verification guide for details. For measures that cannot be verified through a site visit, you must either upload to Green Business Tracker or email an alternative form of verification (photo, receipt, policy, etc.). 

Once all measures are completed, your business will be sent a certificate, window decal, educational posters and other materials to help you spread the word about your sustainable practices. Your business will also be listed on the SAGE website, business directory and map, and included in marketing materials.

Curious about what it takes to become a SAGE Certified Business? 

Get a sneak peak of the check-list for your business type or sector:

Certified Businesses

As of March, 2021, the following businesses have already achieved SAGE Certification:

Don't see your favorite business on this list? Encourage them to contact us to learn how to become a SAGE Certified Business and to receive a free sustainability consultation. 

Business Map:

See below for a map highlighting SAGE Certified Businesses in Westminster.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get credit for good things I’m already doing? 
Yes! In fact, your business may already qualify. You can get credit for existing practices, as well as newly adopted ones implemented to meet the SAGE Certification requirements.

Do I have to do everything on the GBT checklist to become certified? 
No. Although you must complete the required “core” measures in the General, Energy, Waste, Transportation, and Water categories and one measure in the Community category. You only need to complete at least three “elective” measures in any of the categories. The certification checklist is intended to give businesses flexibility in their approach to becoming certified.

How do I determine if a measure is not applicable?
There are a couple of reasons why a measure could be not applicable (N/A) to your business. If you do not use, possess, or have control over a piece of equipment or policy in your building (perhaps because you do not own your facility), that measure would be considered N/A.

How long does my certification last? 
Once your business is certified, it will always be certified as long as you maintain and keep up the measures you committed to. SAGE advisors may conduct site visits to certified businesses to ensure measures are maintained. However, the SAGE Certification may evolve over time. Possible changes include multiple tiers of certification or the introduction of a certification specifically for resource tracking and management. SAGE reserves the right to revoke certifications if businesses are not in compliance with city codes, laws, regulations and/or the measures they have completed.

Is there a cost to certification?
No! SAGE Certification is a FREE service provided by the city for all businesses.

My business is out of my home. Can I get certified?
SAGE is designed to apply to businesses located in non-residential spaces. At this time, home-based businesses do not qualify for certification. However, the city offers sustainability assistance and services to residents, see our resources here

How long will it take for my business to get certified?
The amount of time required to complete the certification process varies depending on the complexity of your business and the practices you already have in place. To receive certification, all businesses register and complete the Green Business Tracker (GBT) assessment, a tool to help you collect information that will be used to measure your environmental performance and list the minimum requirements for earning certification.


Email SAGE@cityofwestminster.us or call 303-658-2662 to set up an advising session, get your questions answered, and to provide comments.  

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